Emotion Sells, Logic Justifies

Published on May 31, 2012

There is a psychological process on how to sell.  If you use it properly, your sales will skyrocket.  If not, it will take you longer to close the deal.  That’s if you even close the deal to begin with.

Want to know the secret?  Here it goes!

Every sale, whether it is selling an idea, product or service, all starts with the heart.  That’s right, the heart.  EMOTION!!!!

People buy and accept ideas to either gain pleasure or remove pain.  Another word you can use is INCREASE!!!  If your proposal is not helping somebody do more of something or do a better job than they are already doing, then why will they buy it? The emotional need of wanting to look better, be recognized, making more money to support one’s lifestyle, etc.

This is where many sales execs miss the boat.  Financial advisors are known for this.  They usually start their meeting telling you how great they are and the results they have achieved.  They bring out their charts and numbers and try to dazzle you.  Only problem is charts and numbers speak to the logical side of the deal, which only comes into play once one is emotionally ready to look at it.  If you have not gained your prospects attention on an emotional basis, then they will not be listening to your great presentation on all the results you can provide.

So how do you gain your customers emotional attention?  Not by asking them what they are currently doing.  And not by starting with how you can help them.

Ask them where they are trying to go.  In our CEO Best Selling Book Lead, Sell or Get Out the Way, we provide case studies on how this process helps people close bigger deals than they ever thought was possible.  Why, because they are engaging their prospects in the emotional conversation of what they are trying to achieve and the challenges they are facing in getting there.

Once you have your customers emotional attention, you can then, and only then, present your solution in the CONTEXT of how it is going to help your prospect achieve the goals they already outlined and help remove the challenges that are in their way.

That’s it.  Pretty simple.  Isn’t it?  Don’t you ever wonder why we make the sales process so complicated?  Give it a try.   Get your customer’s emotional attention and see how much easier it will be to get them to listen to your great ideas.