Leveraging Milestones to Build Your Success

Published on June 1, 2012

Today, June 1st, is my daughter Amanda’s 18th birthday.  I vividly remember 18 years ago at 10:10am holding my daughter for the first time seconds after she came out of the womb and the doctors handed her to me before she was cleaned up.  I looked into her precious eyes and wondered how she would turn out as a young lady.

Last night, as we celebrated her 18th birthday at dinner, I looked at this beautiful young lady and thought to myself how wonderful she turned out.

This is not to say there weren’t any trials and tribulations along the way.  We had to deal with the normal hurt feelings, sensitive emotions, and all the rest of the physical and emotional bumps and bruises children have growing up.

But when I looked into my daughter’s eyes last night, I realized how much we all have to appreciate the good things in life.  At a time in my life where there are significant pressures, all the fear and anxiety dissipated as I started to appreciate all of the good times and memories my daughter has provided us in the past 18 years.

Every day we are on the constant treadmill of trying to survive and grow, do more, perform better and provide for all those who depend on us.  Yet what I realized last night is that our ability to grow is dependent on our ability to appreciate what we have.

When we appreciate all that we have, we are instantly energized to keep on going.  Appreciation provides sustenance and fortitude to deal with the trials and tribulations associated with growth.

Appreciation also allows us to stop for a moment in time to enjoy all that we have achieved.  Life is too short.   What good is it if we keep on growing and achieving if we never take the time to relish in our success?

Make no mistake about it.  I am not saying we should rest on our laurels.  I do believe that people don’t care as much about our past successes.  They are interested in what we are going to do going forward.  But how far we go is dependent on how much we fully appreciate what we have.

Whose birthday are you going to celebrate today?  What relationship are you going to be thankful for today?  Which client are you going to call up and thank for their belief in you?

Appreciate what you have today.  For only then are you ready to accept more good things coming your way.

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!