Decision Making Skills That Grow Sales And Profits

Published on June 25, 2012

One of the biggest excuses I hear from colleagues when it comes to writing a book is that they are not ready because they haven’t fleshed their ideas out perfectly.  In 80% of these cases, they are never ready and their books never get published.

The same thought process affects us all when it comes to making difficult decisions such as:  Do I walk away from this business?  Do I give up on this prospect or employee?  Do I take a gamble and go for broke with this deal?

The worst thing anyone can do is be paralyzed and make no decision.  Jack Welch, famed former CEO of GE, always said it is best to make a decision and move on, even if it is the worst decision.  Why?  Because not moving on is worse than making a mistake.

At least with a mistake, you can learn from it and grow. Trying to be perfect only serves to paralyze you and keep you stagnant with no room for growth or success.

As for my colleagues waiting for the perfect book to write, here is what I learned from writing 4 books. The moment the book comes out, you already are challenging your ideas and concepts.  It will always happen and there never will be that perfect manuscript because we are always growing and changing.  If one ever wrote the perfect manuscript, that means they have given up on their own development and the ability to challenge their ideas and ways of thinking in order to increase their level of success.

So go ahead and make that decision.  Move forward.  You will always realize you could have done something differently.  Often, moving forward is more important than making no decision at all.

As leaders and sales executives, our job is to drive things forward.