Top Sales Articles from January 14, 2013

Published on January 21, 2013

To provide you with most useful sales information possible, each week we will feature the top sales articles from the previous week.

Article #1

Did you know that one of the best ways to close the deal is to be as prepared as possible?

From the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, you are continually negotiating, communicating, persuading others to cooperate with you to do the things that you want them to do,” says negotiating expert Brian Tracy. This sentiment is echoed by CEO Bestselling Book Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, you have to negotiate with people to close the deal.

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Article #2

Many salespeople have a love-hate relationship with sales. They love the profession, but they often hate bringing in net new logos. It’s the classic case of wanting to have it all without the most dreaded aspect of the process.

Do you love sales? Do you love the work and actual techniques that go into selling?

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Article #3

What’s the best approach to managing sales reps? Is it monitor activity? There are lots of guys who do that – the 100 calls each week type task masters. Is a hands off approach best?

Read more in this helpful post by Steven R. Reeves: What’s The Secret to Managing Sales Executives

Article #4

When selling business to business, most people assume there is a single decision maker who has the power to buy what you’re offering. If you can only get through to that decision maker, you can make the sale.  If you like what you are reading and want to automatically receive more helpful tools, sign up for your FREE subscription to our Sales & Leadership E-Report.

Do you know all of the decision makers? Are you meeting with the people that can and will make the final decision?  Read this article by Geoffrey James on Sales Tip: Know All Three Decision Makers