Mindset for Making a Lot of Money

Published on February 5, 2013

Recently I was talking to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a company and she told me her real title was VP of MIH.  I asked her what MIH was.  She said – MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!  I started laughing; but then I thought, what a great title!  More importantly what a great mindset.


No wonder her company was VERY profitable the last four years! How could you not be with that mindset? How could they not succeed when that is how they approached every day?

What would happen to your business if everybody felt their title was VP of MIH?  How much more successful would your business be?

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Now, here is the real question. What are you doing to empower your employees to believe and act like a VP of MIH?  Do they have the skills to carry it out?  Do they have the procedures and tools to allow them to carry it out?  Do they know that you expect them to act like and act upon being VP of MIH? And most importantly, do they have your support in carrying it out?

VP of MIH – Vice President of Make It Happen!  Your market is demanding this of you and your employees.  Time to elevate everyone’s title to one that really matters to your customers. If you are not VP of MIH…..your competition is!

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