The Pitch That Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Published on February 6, 2013

You want the magic pill for increasing your sales dramatically right now? Here it is—- the Relevancy Pill.

That’s right. How relevant is your pitch and message to your market? How relevant is it to your customer’s needs?

Are you just regurgitating all of your features and benefits to your customers? If so, you are boring them to death and they are shutting down on you. Why? Because everyone makes buying decisions based on certain needs, and not all customers have the same needs.

Instead of boring your customers to death with features they are not interested in, how about finding out the issues or problems they are trying to solve. Then simply present the features that speak to those issues. You will then have a presentation that your customers will perceive to be extremely valuable and will probably buy from you.

A few years ago a fashion designer came to my office looking to learn how to sell to increase her revenues. She sold her designs to the fashion manufacturers on 7th Ave in NYC. I asked her to give me her pitch. She immediately opened her oversized portfolio and started presenting each design. When she got to the eight design I shouted STOP— she froze in her tracks. I asked her if the first seven designs did not capture my attention, am I really listening to her on the eighth design? If you like what you are reading and want to automatically receive more helpful tools, sign up for your FREE subscription to our Sales & Leadership E-Report

My suggestion for her was this: first ask her prospect what their goals are as a manufacturer. How do they differentiate themselves from the competition? What challenges are they facing in trying to achieve their objectives? Then, when you have this critical information, I suggested she only show the designs that speak specifically to the issues she just uncovered. When she makes her pitch, I asked her to concentrate only on how the designs will help them achieve their objectives.

She called me the next week and said she already saw a significant change in the attention she was getting from her prospects during their meetings and she was in fact closing more business!

Now that is relevancy! You can say she took her relevancy pill.

You want to increase your sales significantly and immediately, keep asking how your pitch is relevant to your client’s issues. Oh, maybe we need to find out those issues before we even pitch. What a novel idea!

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