Leveraging Your Online Influence to Increase Sales

Published on February 11, 2013

Radius recently announced their Top Sales Influencers on Twitter, based on KRED Scores.  I am proud to announce that I was number two on their list!  Check out the details of their announcement and follow the entire list of influencers by reading their post: Sales Influencer Rankings.








While being named a Top Sales Influencer on Twitter is indeed an honor, it didn’t just happen by Tweeting. It involves actively blogging on this platform. In today’s world, an active and dynamic blog is essential to your overall sales success. It is one of the top vehicles to stay in contact with your market. It also increases your findability in Google searches, means you are found in Google Searches, increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provides a format for educating your readers. Also, your website and blog are the only pieces of digital real estate you truly own.

What makes a good blog post?  Here are 7 items that ensure good posts that will be read and will get shared:

1.  Relevant info – information must be relevant to the problems and challenges your market is facing.

2.  Blog Post should follow the KISS principle- Keep It Short and Simple. Keep your paragraphs to no more than three sentences long. Keep your paragraphs to a minimum. Your readers have little time to read book-like chapters online.

3.  Blog Post should have actionable items. Simple steps that your readers can implement to increase their success in life.

4.  Stories are great ways to illustrate points. Make sure stories are succinct and easy to follow with application spelled out to the audience.

5.  Blog posts should be consistent.  You don’t have to blog every day.  But be consistent and disciplined to sending out valuable content to your audience so they come to expect and rely on it.

6.  Blogs are not commercials.  They should be valuable content for the audience.  Does not mean you cannot put a link in to something you want your audience to see. But it better be in Context to something of value to them.

7.  Blogs represent a customer contact—-remember, as in sales, you have only a short period of time to state and show your value before your customer hangs up on you.  You must value your readers time and only put info that is valuable to them.  If your blog is self serving or considered a waste of time, your audience will not come back to you.

I strongly encourage you to blog for you business. Develop a plan then write blog posts on your industry and work to be come a top influencer!

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