One Man's Journey to Success

Published on February 12, 2013

The good news is I just lost 16 pounds!  I am on a mission to lose another 40.  Each day is a struggle.  Why?  Because I look at this process as having to be on a diet.  That is until I realized I was operating under the wrong mindset.

You see, all of us are on a diet each and every day.  The question is what kind of diet are you on?  A good healthy diet or a sugar loaded diet?  The reason I had trouble losing weight is I viewed this process as having to fix something.  Having to be on a diet.  Having to change. Being penalized.  That mindset shifted when I realized this is a life long activity and the issue is not fixing anything, it is finding the right diet I can live with that will help me achieve my goals and maintain them on a long term basis.

















This is the same mindset for achieving higher levels of success each and every day.  Success is not borne out of a magic pill. It is not about fixing something.  It is about understanding where you want to be and finding the right diet (system) for getting there and staying there.  It involves a consistent behavior day in and day out.  The discipline to doing certain actions on a daily basis to consistently achieve success.

It also involves the concept of measurement.  We must be able to get on our scales (daily, weekly, or whatever time frame you choose) to measure how well we are doing and tweak our actions as necessary.

The process is not about all gains. It involves falling off the wagon sometimes as unforseen circumstances get in the way. Sometimes temptation and cravings take us off our path to success.  We must accept the path to success is not always smooth. It will have ruts and we will be pushed off the path from time to time. The question is how powerful is your resolve to stick to the path as often as possible.  Is your resolve strong enough to act as a magnet to get you back on the path to your desired success?

If we realize success is a life long pursuit, we automatically take the stress off of ourselves of having to succeed each and every day.  There will be days we will fail.  As long we realize we are on a life long diet of success, we will achieve our goals even with the days we have failed.

The key is to realize long term success is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  It is not a one time event.  It is not a magic pill.  It is not an overnight event.  It is a process. I am sure I will have my good and bad days on this diet. But at least I am not looking at it as trying to fix something.  I am now looking at it as a life long journey.  And that is the first step towards achieving long term success.

Long Term Success, like a diet, is a way of life.

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