How To Build A Powerful Sales Network

Published on February 13, 2013

There is an old saying that the bigger your network, the more successful you will be in sales.












Top producers in sales know their success is not the results of their sole efforts.  It is the sum total of all efforts others have put forth in helping that sales executive secure the deals.

  • It can be someone influential in your market who can connect you with a key decision maker.
  • It can be a technical resource who after hearing about your clients challenge can help you identify the right solution.
  • It can be an industry resource who is on the lookout for opportunities to throw your way.

The bottom line is our success in sales increases exponentially as we build our network of key influencers and resources.  Now the question is how do you get these people on your team. Here are three things you should concentrate on when building your network:

1.  People do things if it benefits them.  When looking to enroll someone to help you build your business, find out how you can help them in return.  What is important to them?  What are their goals?  How can you help them succeed?  If it is all about you, you may have people in your network, but you won’t have them actively assisting you in your efforts. It has to be a win-win relationship.

2.  Appreciation is King.  Besides helping others, acts of appreciation go a long way in gaining support.  You don’t always have to buy expensive dinners and tickets to expensive events.  Sometimes a simple hand written note goes a long way in showing your appreciation and at the same time makes a dramatic impact with the recipient of the note.

3.  Charity starts at home.  When asking someone for help, you in turn are asking them for charity.  You are asking them to give of their time and resources to further your cause.  Why should someone do that if you yourself never help others without expecting anything in return.  Charity starts at home.  Live a life of giving and you often will receive more than you ever thought was possible.

Follow these three strategies and you will see your network not only growing by leaps and bounds, but the contacts in your rolodex actively working on your behalf. This is one of the common strategies top producers employ as a daily behavior.

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