Get Your Customer to Say Yes to You in Stiff Competition

Published on March 28, 2013

Are you dealing with declining sales revenues?

Do you want to achieve customer growth?

Do you want to improve your sales prospecting?

Do you want to become more influential?

Do you want customers to accept your pricing?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to get clear on the greatest myth in selling.

There are four stages of a buyer’s sales cycle. A) Not Interested.  B) Looking for Solution.  C) Decision.  D) Implementation.

Most people who are trying to sell ideas and products/services are looking for those who are actively involved in choosing a new option. This is the worst place for getting new business! Here are the reasons why:

1. Everyone and their brother/sister are trying to get in on the game
2. If you enter the sales cycle here, you have no influence and you are one of many – a common commodity
3. This is where most of the poor sales people congregate and die

The best place to look for new customers is when the prospect says they “have no need”. Here are seven reasons why!

1. No one else is probably talking to them
2. You no longer talk about features – instead you talk about what’s missing for the customer and explore new ways of doing things
3. When you get a prospect buying into your concept, you are now driving the sales process
4. If the prospect goes to bid, the bid is written around your specs
5. If the prospect does not have to bid, they may skip looking at other alternatives and go straight to implementation with you
6. When you sell on concept and outcomes, price pressures disappear
7. In this sales process, you will be positioned as a trusted advisor and have a stronger relationship with the customer

This process is for anyone selling anything: an idea, product or service. Give it a try.

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