Eliminate Procrastination Now and Forever

Published on April 10, 2013

Ever have to write a proposal and get stuck with the enormity of the situation, especially when your head is not into it?  Or, do you shy away from prospecting because it simply is not something you cherish to do and therefore you procrastinate to avoid this distasteful activity?

Brian Tracy in his book Eat That Frog talks about the five reasons we avoid doing things:


  1. Too Big
  2. Too Complicated
  3. We Don’t Know How
  4. We Don’t Want To
  5. No Fun

The difference between successful and the not so successful people is not they aren’t prone to acts of procrastination.  They just don’t allow themselves to get sucked into it.

If the task is too big, they break it down into manageable pieces so they can handle it better.  Too complicated?  They apply the KISS Principle—-Keep it Simple and Stupid.  Don’t know how to?  They learn what they need to know.  Don’t Want to?   They concentrate on the benefits they will achieve from doing the task.  No fun?  They simply find ways to enjoy themselves.

Bottom line is we all have choices to make in life.  We can avoid the tasks that we are not keen on doing and therefore stop us from achieving the results we want in life.  Or we can find ways to make those unseemly but necessary tasks easier to do and tolerate because they are critical to our success.

Procrastination is not an obstacle.  It is a choice.  How do you wish to proceed?

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