A Smile is Time's Best Selling Tool

Published on March 23, 2014

Yesterday I walked into the hardware store to buy something and as I was standing on line at the checkout counter, I noticed how the clocks for sale hanging on the wall were all set to the time of 10:10am.

I was amazed they all had the same time and asked the clerk how that was possible.  She did not understand the question and started telling me the correct time was 3:00pm.  A gentleman standing behind me said that is done on purpose.  He said when you look at the frame of a clock and it is set to either 10:10am or 2:10pm, the frame between the clock hands resembles a smile.  So the watch manufacturers and clock manufacturers purposely set all of their new time pieces to either 10:10am or 2:10pm to psychologically get you into a good frame (smiling) which then helps them sell more time pieces.

Just for kicks, I googled new watches and below is a picture from Zappos.  Bingo- they are all set to 10:10am.

New Watches







What is the moral of this story?  If you want to sell more, keep smiling.  A smile goes a long way to making people feel comfortable.  It is engaging and draws people in.  And we all feel safer when dealing with someone who has a smile vs. a scowl.

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