Rejection is Truly A Gift

Published on April 4, 2014

What would life be like if you truly felt rejection as being a gift?  It would dramatically improve your lifestyle and success.  Why?  Because rejection forces us to see what we are doing wrong and make adjustments to get better results.

rejection Consider rejection as being a measuring stick. It merely is a signal that our efforts are falling short of the desired outcomes. If we can program our brains to think this way, we will eliminate all of the emotional nonsense that stops us dead in our tracks. Misplaced emotion is simply allowing assumptions, most of which are false, to rule our lives and force us to make decisions based on wrong information.

When people reject us, they are not saying anything personal. All they are saying is the value proposition you are putting forth is not worthy of their taking a risk to say yes, at this particular moment in time. So they opt to say the answer of no risk, “no”.

If you don’t take this personally, then your mind is clear to evaluate the situation and empathize with the person you are trying to influence to understand what they are looking for. Then you simply re-evaluate your message and look at ways for enhancing the power of it so that you can transform the no into a yes.

Yes, it really is that simple to overcome a rejection and turn it into a positive experience. But only if you are willing to look at rejection as a gift. For then you will do something different.

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