3 Mindsets of Top Producers

Published on October 15, 2014

Authored by John Lusher

Are you looking for ways to significantly increase your business without working harder? Are you looking for ways to become more competitive? Are you looking for ways to double, triple and quadruple your sales in less time? Then you need to start with the way you think! It is all about your mindset!

As a profesional that helps companies grow their business through marketing, I have had the honor of hearing many people speak. Recently I sat in on this presentation by Ron Karr, “3 Mindsets of Top Producers” and was shocked by the impact it had on the lives of the audience members.

This dynamic speaker is opening the eyes of entrepreneurs, sales executives and CEO’s as to what it takes to be a top producer. The impacts this keynote is making on Ron’s audiences is staggering ranging from audience members closing their biggest deals within days of the presentation to key account managers closing industry leading ground breaking deals. It’s also changing the way CEO’s think about their business.


The three mindsets Ron talks about are:

  1. Creation vs Competition— Top producers don’t compete. They create different and better results for which there is no competition
  2. Openings vs. Closings – Top producers are not worried about closing strategies. They spend their time creating powerful context which in turns results with the customer asking what are the next steps
  3. Alliances vs. Lone Rangers – Top producers put their egos aside and spend their time building alliances, which results in referrals and deals that close faster and are bigger in scope. Everyone knows about referrals. But top producers know that the secret is not only about asking for the referral, it is  about engaging them properly so they will want to help you grow your business.

Today, everyone needs to do more in less time. Companies must grow their sales with greater velocity. The strategies of years gone by will not work in today’s fast moving market.

The key to how you and your team perform all has to do with how you think. It all comes down to your mindset.

I heard from one participant on how he closed the largest consulting deal of his life two days after hearing Ron speak simply by changing the way he thinks! This resulted in him having a bigger and better conversation and being open to the opportunities presented to him. Without knowing it, he easily created more perceived value and walked way with the deal. He was stunned that it could happen that fast!

The days of open ended questions are gone. Yes we need to ask open-ended questions! But that is just getting to first base. The key is leading with outcomes and having the RIGHT conversations!

They say there is nothing new under the sun. Granted, this is true. However, there are new ways of seeing things and thinking differently. Which leads to new ideas that in the end differentiate you from the competition.

So start thinking differently and using the three mindsets listed above.

If you are a high-growth company looking to increase your competitive advantage and grow sales significantly, I strongly encourage you to bring Ron Karr in to speak to your team.  Contact Ron Karr today! 

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