Five Tips for ImpactING Your Market with a Big Idea

Published on June 20, 2017

Some people think the big idea will always remain unattainable—and for those people, it will. But as a Sales and Leadership shutterstock_471826733-2expert, I promise you that big ideas are meant for implementation. Here are five tips for creating your own big idea to Impact! your markets and achieve exponential results:

  1. Create a Vision—Before calling on the market, create a vision of what success looks like for you. Forget about the past and
  2. Create versus Compete—Stop competing against your competitors. Find out from the market or the customer what they are trying to accomplish but have not yet managed to achieve. To do this, you need to have an enterprise conversation rather than a transactional conversation. Elevate the conversation above your products to what the organization or market is trying to achieve as a whole.
  3. Leverage Your Core Competencies—With the information obtained in tip 2, take some time to think big—far beyond your product and service features. Think about how you can leverage your core competencies in a way that the market has not seen and will pay dearly for. Recall the chemicals manufacturer I discussed last week that developed a program to put an engineer onsite at mines that used their products. Your core competencies are the key to unlocking new doors.
  4. Be Bold—Bring these new ideas to your customer or market, and don’t be afraid to fail. It begins with launching the conversation, and I promise you it will lead to new ideas and results.
  5. Act with Confidence—You may be venturing into new territory with this big idea and you may not even be sure it will work, but you can still pitch it with confidence. In fact, you must do that. Some call this tactic fake it ‘til you make it. I call it giving yourself the peace of mind that as long as you are committed to the end result, you will ultimately succeed in delivering on the promise. The issue is your commitment to making it happen, even when it hasn’t been done before. This is what people will pay the big bucks for: new ideas and a new way of doing something.


Do you have what it takes to come up with the next BIG IDEA and bring it to your customer or market?  It can come fairly easy once you have the right conversation with your customers. Call me if you need help achieving exponential results.

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