How to Set the Stage for Success

Published on October 18, 2017

We all want success, and we may even expect it in some way, but not everyone attends to the details and habits that build a successful outlook.

This morning I walked into the lobby of the Residence Inn where I am staying in Winston-Salem and witnessed a surprising scene—the entire hotel staff was going through a stretching exercise with smiles on their faces. Leading the exercise was the area general manager for BPR Properties, Kowee Truesdale, Sr. After everyone had stretched for a few minutes, they ended by singing a song and then coming together with their arms outstretched and hands clasped together. They looked like a true team, and they proceed to call out the names of the guests in the lobby, including mine.

I asked Mr. Truesdale the purpose behind what I’d seen, and this is what he said: “The light exercising prevents people from getting hurt, because they are more flexible and energized. It also acts like a pep rally that motivates the whole team. If someone is having a bad day to start with, they are now reset into a better mood so they can serve our guests well. It improves guest relations. Employees are motivated to ask our guests how their stay is going. It drives up our service scores and helps build our brand.”

Mr. Truesdale knows that experiences sell, and that it only takes a little time and effort to get his team ready for a successful day. As a leader, he knows it is his responsibility to create an environment that brings out the best in people.

Here is my question for you today: If you are in sales, what are you doing to get yourself in the right mindset to have a successful day? If you are a leader, what are you doing to get your team in the right mindset for a successful day?

Success does not happen by accident. As a Sales and Leadership expert, I help people understand they must plan and train for it. You cannot Impact the world if you yourself are not in the right frame of mind. Great mindsets produce great results.

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