Selling with Sight and Sound to Gain Velocity

Published on March 12, 2019

Selling an intangible idea can be tough. When you are trying to sell your competitive advantage, it can be challenging to verbalize the concept in a powerful way that resonates with your prospect. Intangibles leave a lot to the imagination, and that doesn’t necessarily work in your favor.

If you’re running into trouble, you may be relying too much on your prospect’s ability to absorb information via their sense of hearing. Your differentiated advantage is on the line, so it’s best to deliver that message via more than one sense. Coupling sight with sound can be a game changer that helps prospects better understand exactly what you have to offer. I have discovered that translating the intangible idea into a graphical process delivers strong results. 

The graphic should be simple, and something a customer can relate to, but you cannot lead with it. The graphic doesn’t do the heavy lifting. That is still up to you: How you present the idea matters. If you merely show it, then it has no context or meaning. But if you ask questions about the gaps the prospect is trying to fill and then present the graphical rendition of your value, it will hit home more powerfully because the visual presentation will be in the context of what is important to the customer.

Powerful visuals that people can hang on their wall deliver additional advantages as well:

  1. You will leave the customer with something they can constantly look at that displays your differentiating value. Of course, this assumes you have created a powerful and sharp graphic that they want to hang on the wall. If you do, it will keep you and your solution in front of them; when a need comes up, they will call you.
  2. Sales often happen when you are not there. You often have to rely on your client to sell your value to their peers and bosses—but there is no way they can sell it as well as you. They will probably forget some of the main points, and if they are hesitant, the decision-maker will not take the risk. However, if you leave them with a strong visual that shows your differentiated value, they now have a script to keep them on track. This will increase their confidence and help them gain their boss’s buy-in. 
  3. The visual will increase your confidence. The graphical display becomes another tool in your toolbox. If used properly, it can help you land appointments with other influencers who might not normally meet with you.

Take your differentiating value and break it down into a simple graphic or process flow. Create a dynamic image that is simple for people to grasp, looks good enough to put on the wall, and hits all of the issues your clients are dealing with. Tailor it to individual customers as needed. Do this and you will gain velocity in your sales. Not everyone is an auditory learner; by engaging the visual sense as well, you’ll increase your odds of success.