Spring Forward with Velocity

Published on March 19, 2019

As spring approaches, I’ve been thinking of new starts and renewals, specifically of the time I decided to launch my speaking/consulting business over thirty years ago. 

I was in an unfulfilling management job at the time—successful but not satisfied. My business skills had helped me to succeed but so had two important questions: What is my purpose (or goal) and do my actions support my purpose? Those questions had guided me, but I’d reached a point where I was stuck. 

I was scheduled to do a business plan review with senior management, but since I was not feeling happy or fulfilled in my job, it was tough to write the plan. I called my senior EVP and we discussed the situation. He said there was no room at the time to make a change, and asked me what I would do if I could do something else. As you can likely guess, I said I would probably be a speaker on sales and leadership. What happened next surprised me: He asked to see my business plan and ultimately agreed to fund my start-up for the rest of the year by paying my commissions from previous deals closed and expenses.

That night, I went to a club in New York City to celebrate; it was a feeling I have never forgotten. I was light on my feet—I felt as if I’d been released from captivity. My confidence was sky high and I couldn’t stop smiling. All was right with the world that night—it was the same feeling I had when my daughter was born.

Now, three decades later, I speak on the main stages and consult with clients on the same two questions that guided me years ago: What is your purpose and do your actions support your purpose?  But I always remind people that purpose has to be about PASSION; it is not about should. When passion dwindles and we are shackled with should, we start feeling that heavy weight on our shoulders that bogs us down and prevents us from moving forward with Velocity.  

As we enter spring, I urge you to ask yourself: What is my purpose?  What am I passionate about? Are my actions strong enough to achieve my purpose?  

We should regularly set aside time to reevaluate and tweak our purpose because it may change from year to year. What better time to do that than when we are leaving winter behind, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the time of rebirth is here? Every day should be about rebirth and new starts.  When you live like that, you will move forward in all aspects of life with velocity.