Gaining Momentum in Life through Velocity

Published on April 9, 2019

What makes you feel more like a kid than watching things explode? Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Spangler, a leading science personality, who has been blowing things up and mesmerizing audiences for the past 30 years. I love science, so you know I had to ask Steve to explain the scientific point of view of how Velocity works in our lives.

He said Velocity is direction and speed. You cannot have Velocity if you are trying to go in multiple directions; that just leads to burnout. His advice is to focus on one thing that works and attach speed to that.

When you achieve Velocity, then the next step is to “rinse and repeat”—do it over and over until you start losing Velocity. The rinse and repeat part is called Mass. Multiply Mass times Velocity and you gain Momentum.

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Steve said everything in life has a life cycle and when the energy (Momentum) starts to lag, then it is time to move on and reinvent yourself.  

This has important implications for your business: 

  • You cannot have Velocity without focus (direction) and speed.
  • Concentrating on too many things at once reduces your Velocity.
  • Master one skill or market first and then gain Mass by doing it over and over. In sales, find a market that suits your core competencies and when your messaging works, keep penetrating that market before you move on.
  • If you start to lose Momentum, look for new markets or new applications/services for existing markets (or both).
    • Legacy accounts that served you well in the past may not continue to serve you well. Their purchasing processes may change or your operating procedures may change. Bottom line, great accounts are not necessarily a lifelong situation.
  • If you start to lose Momentum, consider whether it’s time to reinvent yourself and start a new venture.
  • You and only you control the Momentum in your life. Yes, market forces can force you to shift directions. But you’re the one who decides where to spend your time and ensures you are getting the right return on investment.
  • Stop trying to be all things to all people. Find the people and markets who value your products/services the most and become the leading brand in that area.

Speed is important, but it’s not everything. Focus matters too. If you’re burning out or simply can’t gain Velocity, perhaps some outside insight will help you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. Call me if you need help.