Tweeting for Sales

In April of 2008, Steve Keating, Manager of Selling Skills at the Toro Company, heard me speak about using social media to build one’s sales. Already involved with Twitter, Steve had at the time a few hundred followers. After hearing the presentation, he decided to make it a key strategy in building both his personal … Continue reading Tweeting for Sales

A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited by the Weizmann Institute of Science to visit with their scientists in Rehovot, Israel and got a feel for the projects they are involved in. It was exhilarating listening to all the presentations of advances being worked on that will positively impact humanity. Pioneering cancer researcher, Professor … Continue reading A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Thank You From Karyn!!!

Who is Karyn? She is an individual who spent money way beyond her means and wound up with credit card debt of $20,000. Unable to pay it, she did the next best thing. She asked us to pay it for her. Karyn started the web site She asked visitors to help her pay down … Continue reading Thank You From Karyn!!!

Be the Big Talker

Recently my 7 year old daughter Amanda blurted out to a client staying at our house that “my daddy is the ‘big talker’”. She went on to say that I always get what I want because I ‘big talk’ my way into it. Amanda now introduces me to everyone as the “big talker”. Come to … Continue reading Be the Big Talker