Client Results


  • Increased client’s incremental sales revenues by over ¾ Billion dollars (Karr Impact! System™)
  • Landed a 10-year agreement worth $200M (client repositioning & negotiations)
  • Knocked competitor out of the market and grew sales by $33M (new business growth strategy)
  • Within three years, company once with 62% decrease in shares and valued at $96M was sold for $1B (sales strategy, team leadership)
  • Consulted with a company merger worth $2B to combine two disparate sales forces (sales strategy)
  • Helped client close a $5M deal with a new customer (negotiation and value positioning)
  • Grew a $24M company to $30M (senior team/CEO coaching, recruitment/training of sales teams, growth strategy)
  • Turned around a $12M company and increased a buy-out offer from $8M to $20M
  • Client doubled its business with fewer bids (450 to 250)
  • Client closed largest consulting contract at $70K (outcome selling)