Why Have Hertz, Marriot, Cognis, AFLAC, & Lincoln Financial All Hired Ron Karr to Speak?

It's not just because he consistently scores a CEO's Rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

It's his relentless pursuit to finding SOLUTIONS, not succumbing to what “has been," and helping companies achieve a bigger Impact.

Whether it is his:

Customization of programs based on YOUR needs and challenges

Commitment to inspiring and educating your company to achieve significance in sales, profits, and productivity

Command of a large audience with interactive elements that will leave your staff excited to go out and do things differently

He is the expert who is well-known for his ability to walk off the stage, roll up his sleeves, and help with execution.

Ron lives by the same core message that he delivers to every audience:

As the Velocity Mindset® Speaker Ron Karr has:

  • Spent over two decades helping high-growth companies execute strategies that generate significant growth.

  • Successfully delivered game-changing results across hundreds of organizations on six continents

  • Generates sustainable and often groundbreaking experiences

His bold methodologies unite two insights: advanced expertise on the psychology of what drives customer behavior and the importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence when expanding business across new and existing markets.

Ron's highly engaging and thought-provoking keynotes will help you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by creating versus competing

  • Identify untapped opportunities that are profitable to both you and your customer

  • Become an integral part of your customer's success so they can't afford NOT to do business with you

This isn't just another keynote. Each one is designed to help Impact your organization and create lasting Impact with your customers that results in higher levels of success.

Book the Velocity Mindset® speaker who high-growth companies call on to gain a competitive advantage!

Catapult your company to its next level of success.

His Invaluable Wisdom Will Catapult
Your Organization to Its Next Level of
Success... Hire Ron for Your Next Event!

  • 25+ years' experience in Sales & Leadership Development

  • Extensive expertise in creating monetization/growth strategies, building award-winning teams, and providing strategic leadership within high-growth small to global Fortune 500 firms

  • Created the Velocity Mindset to help companies dramatically increase sales revenues, outperform the competition, and improve market share

Awards and Accolades

  • International Expert on Impact:

    Spoken on six continents, 20 countries

  • President's Award for Distinguished Service


  • CSP

    (Certified Speaker Professional) at NSA

  • CEO Best-selling author:

    Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

  • National Speakers Association President:


Client Business Metrics

  • Increased client's incremental sales revenues by over 3/4 Billion dollars (Karr Impact! System)

  • Landed a 10-year agreement worth $200 Million (client repositioning & negotiations)

  • Knocked competitor out of the market and grew sales by $33 Million (new business growth strategy)

  • Within three years, company once with 62% decrease in shares and valued at $96 Milion was sold for $1 Billion (sales strategy, team leadership)

  • Consulted with a company merger worth $2 Billion to combine two disparate sales forces (sales strategy)

  • Helped client close a $5 Million deal with a new customer (negotiation and value positioning)

  • Grew a $24 Million company to $30 Milion (senior team/CEO coaching, recruitment/training of sales teams, growth strategy)

  • Turned around a $12 Milion company and increased a buy-out offer from $8 Million to $20 Million

  • Client doubled its business with fewer bids (450 to 250)

  • Client closed largest consulting contract at $70K (outcome selling)

Find out what Fortune 500 companies
know about Ron's Impact!

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