How You Look at Things Can Be Myopic!

Great innovators and successful entrepreneurs look at the world in ways that are different from other people. This is why they see opportunities that others miss and come up with revolutionary new ideas or products. So how can you adjust the way you see and think to achieve better results and become just as successful? It’s actually quite simple. Learn More about our CRO Mastermind Group: https://ronkarr.com/cro/  

The Financials for Effective Cybersecurity with Rick Jordan

What does it take to gain Velocity in your particular industry? Watch Rick Jordan, a nationally recognized voice on Cybersecurity, Business and Ethics, reveal how he has applied the Velocity Mindset® to propel his Cybersecurity and IT Management firm to success.

What is the Biggest Reason People Get Stripped of Velocity?

What is the biggest reason people get stripped of Velocity? In this video, Jay Baer, a successful entrepreneur, author of six bestselling books on marketing and customer experience, and founder of five multi-million dollar companies, reveals one of the most common mistakes businesses make when marketing their products or services. Check it out! #VelocityMindset #leadership #marketing

Dead Dogs Don’t Sell Movies

You might think you have the greatest new product or service, but do your target customers agree? Testing the market before you launch can provide you with valuable information on customer response, help tweak your offer, refine your marketing strategy, and ultimately maximize your profits. Watch this video to find out how the creators of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” used a test audience to make sure the movie is a hit. #VelocityMindset #Leadership

What is Getting in the Way of Your Success?

When it comes to achieving success, there's no magic bullet. But it doesn't happen by accident either. Watch this video for the four most common roadblocks that can put a drag on your Velocity and prevent you from reaching your goals. #VelocityMindset #leadership #ReachYourGoals
Ron Karr with Bruce Turkel No Date

Your Vision Doesn’t Always Come From Knowing What You Want.

Your vision doesn’t always have to come from knowing what you want. Sometimes, it’s being specific about what you DON’T want that can set you on the right path for the next chapter of your life.  If you have trouble creating a vision for your life or business, watch this week’s episode of the Velocity Mindset® Success Stories series with my very special guest, Bruce Turkel. Bruce is a branding expert and author of a new book, “Is That All...

Are You on the Right Road to Success?

People everywhere engage in tasks that have no connection with a meaningful outcome or purpose. When they do this, the result is speed without direction, leading to burnout and, inevitably, loss of velocity.  Watch today’s video training, where I share a funny story that demonstrates what happens when someone becomes task-oriented and not purpose-oriented. https://youtu.be/3FpTl3sfY3Y #VelocityMindset #leadership #PurposeDriven #purpose #PurposeDrivenLife #PurposeDrivenBusiness

What Makes a Great Leader?

This week we lost the giant of a leader. General Colin Powell, the first Black US Secretary of State, has died at the age of 84. General Powell broke many barriers in his long life. He served four presidents and politicians of all disciplines and beliefs came to him for advice and sought his leadership.  So what are the traits and mindset that led General Powell to his great success in life? Watch this video to find out. https://youtu.be/xdnBAxG2euA #VelocityMindset...


The massive outage that brought down Facebook and its family of apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, for the better part of the day last week, brought some businesses around the world to a halt. Start-ups and companies that rely on social media to reach their customers were unable to fulfill orders and lost thousands in sales. So what can you do to protect your business and control your destiny next time social platforms go down? Find out in this week’s...