Unlocking Success: How Starbucks Boosted Velocity and Customer Satisfaction

So how can you enhance the customer experience while at the same time increasing your own Velocity? You may have read this week that Starbucks is investing billions of dollars to cut down customer wait times by 55 seconds. Their solution? The new syrup machine. With it, baristas can simply press a button to access milk and ice, eliminating the need to dig into separate containers. That in itself is going to help save 55 seconds per transaction. So, who wins? Well,...
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Surviving Slow Customer Flow: Is It Marketing or Sales That Holds the Key to Success?

When times are tough, and the flow of customers into your business is slowing down to a drip, what's more important: marketing or sales? I had that conversation yesterday with the CEO I was coaching. He sells very high-end custom furniture. Because of the economy, he was complaining that the flow of traffic into his high-end retail stores was at a standstill. He said: “I need to get marketing to get people in here.” I replied: “Well, okay, but what...
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Are You Taking Yourself Out of the Game Before It Even Starts?

This morning, when I got up, I wanted to walk four miles. Immediately, my head started questioning if I really wanted to do it. I had a meeting in two hours, and my knees and hips were hurting. Now, you have to remember I've had several surgeries that fused half of my back, so if there is anybody who has a reason not to over-push, it is me. However, there's a difference between pushing too hard and doing what's necessary...

The Power Within: How to Create Your Own Energy and Thrive

Imagine being 14 years old, diagnosed with a condition causing immense pain and grief. That's what happened to me when I was 14. It was a speech impediment, preventing me from pronouncing the letter “R.” It was so painful and led to a lot of ridicule in my life. In fact, they called this impediment Rhotacism or as I called it, “otacism.” Can you imagine having this impediment and being given the name Ron Karr? The bullying was relentless. I...
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Are You in Alignment with the People You Are Trying to Influence?

Think about alignment for a second. What is the opposite word of alignment? It is resistance. And you can easily see that if you have resistance, Velocity is affected. Let’s talk about resistance. Imagine you're on an airplane, cruising, when suddenly you encounter strong headwinds. What happens to your velocity towards the destination? It's impeded, you slow down, and if the resistance is excessive, you might even struggle to reach your destination. The aircraft might consume too much fuel and...
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Is There an Easy Path to Success?

Does anything in life come easy for us? Yes and No. When we engage in activities aligned with our strengths and skills, they often come easily to us. On the other hand, tasks that we dislike or lack proficiency in can be challenging. However, that is not what I’m talking about here. Recently, I had a friend get a hold of me. Unfortunately, she fell victim to three separate Craigslist scams in a single day, all attempting to sell various...
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The Velocity Mindset: Change Your Mindset, Rewrite Your Story

What would the world be like if everyone acted like a leader, not a victim of circumstances? Finally, a practical guide that conquers the minds and hearts of leaders around the world! Grab your copy of The Velocity Mindset® book on Amazon: #VelocityMindset #mindset #leadership #sales

From Stale to Stellar: How to Break Your Routine Without Taking a Vacation

How do you invigorate yourself when you are bored or deflated? The good news is you don't have to go on vacation. But when you are bored or deflated, this is when you start to lose your edge. The key to a sustainable business is what we call “Rinse and Repeat.” Consistently doing the right activities will help sustain a business. The key is staying invigorated, especially when doing mundane tasks. Consider activities such as making 100 cold calls and...
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How to Overcome an Emotional Impasse to Move Negotiations Forward

Have you ever encountered an emotional impasse with someone, leading to a struggle in advancing the conversation and reaching an agreement? This can create a lot of drag and resistance in your velocity. When one person responds emotionally, the other party tends to reciprocate with their own emotional reaction. As a result, this emotional intensity escalates, making it difficult for either party to break free from this cycle. The only way to overcome such emotional impasse is to elevate the conversation...