Are You Ready to Shine When Your Time Arrives?

Life is full of opportunities, but they don't always knock twice. Success comes to those who are prepared. So when it's your turn to step up, be ready to bring your A-game. Whether it's a big presentation, a prospecting call, or any other challenge that comes your way, seize the moment and give it your all. Are you ready to shine when your turn arrives? #VelocityMindset #BuffaloBills #JustinHagar #DamarHamlin #NFL #MondayNightFootball #SuperBowl #SeizeTheOpportunity #BePrepared #MakeItCount #NoRegrets

Do You Have the Right Mindset for Prospecting and Sales?

Do you believe in the outcome your product or service can create? As a salesperson or prospector, your job is to help others see the value in what you have to offer. But to do that, you must first truly believe in it yourself and make sure your mindset is aligned with your goals. Watch Sales Coach Mark Hunter explain what it really means to have the right mindset for sales. #VelocityMindset #SalesMindset #sales #prospecting

CRO Testimonial Video

Are you looking to significantly increase your revenue in the next 12-18 months? I have three seats open on my exclusive CRO Mastermind Group. This group is tailored to Chief Revenue Officers, VP of Sales, and C-Suite Executives who want to double, triple, or even 10x their revenue. If this is you, send me a message to schedule an interview: https://ronkarr.com/contact/ #VelocityMindset #CRO #revenue #RevenueGrowth #leadership #CEOmindset

How to Make Your Scar Your Star

As a leader, you’ve probably identified and leveraged a number of personal talents and strengths. But have you considered that your real power may lie in what you’ve always thought of as your weakness? What if your weaknesses were actually your strengths? What if your scar were actually your star? In this video, Bruce Turkel, author of “Is That All There Is?” shares how he used his perceived “weakness” to his advantage and turned it into his greatest strength. Check...

ASA Testimonial Video

Need to get your team inspired, educated and transformed? For over two decades, I helped turn businesses into high-growth machines through my provocative sales and leadership presentations that engage hearts and minds. Find out why CEOs consistently rank my Velocity Mindset® keynotes 4.7 out of 5: https://ronkarr.com/meeting-professionals/

Go Slow to Go Fast

As leaders, we are often too fixated on speed. We rush to be first to market or to outpace our competitors in product development, sales and growth. But I’ve found that slowing down – in order to speed up later on – is the real secret to long-lasting success. So how can you go slow to go fast? Find out in this video training. #VelocityMindset #leadership #CEOmindset #GoSlowToGoFast #sales #LeadershipCoach

So What’s Your Problem?

How often do you find yourself working on a task without knowing how (or even IF) that task supports your life’s goals? You keep yourself busy, but your daily routines multiply to the point where they crowd out tasks that move you toward your ideal outcome. Pretty soon it’s March, April or May, and you haven’t made the progress you want or need. The good news is that achieving your life’s goals can be easier than you think if you...

Does Making Your Customers Happy Hurt Your Business?

In most companies, if a customer has a problem, the business will do what it takes to make that customer happy. That’s a good thing, right? But there is one thing they don’t do. In this video, Ultimate Customer Experience Expert® Scott McKain reveals why not being willing to be negative enough can hurt your business.   #VelocityMindset #leadership #CustomerService #CustomerExperience #sales #SalesLeadership

Top three things the best leaders focus on in times of crisis

While crisis management is always a top priority, many leaders are not adequately prepared to deal with a high-risk situation. Yet, failure to properly respond to a sudden crisis can be costly. According to Forbes, crisis preparation can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $500,000, depending on the industry and location. In comparison, unprepared companies often end up spending millions of dollars on mitigation and losing hundreds of millions in reputation and shareholder value. So how can you be a better...