Do Your Thoughts Help You Solve Your Problems?

Whenever you have a problem that needs a solution, the thoughts you focus on will determine your outcome. If you want to get clarity, gain Velocity and set yourself on the path to the destination you desire, ask yourself this one important question. #VelocityMindset #leadership  #ChooseYourThoughts #ProblemSolving

The Art of the Pause: What It Is and Why it Matters

Sometimes to gain velocity, you’ve just got to stop. Start with a clean piece of paper, literally, and don't assume you have all the answers right away. Embrace the art of the PAUSE, taking time to envision your desired outcome. Then, assess if you've set achievable tasks and milestones to reach that goal. They don't have to be flawless, as making mistakes is inevitable. By embracing failure as a chance to learn, you'll attain velocity and ultimate success. To learn...

Leadership as a Key to Sales Success

Leadership isn't limited to a select few; it resides within each one of us. We all possess the ability to lead in our own lives, families, and pursue our purpose. For sales people, leadership is about leading their potential clients or customers through a decision-making process to help them make the right decision. If you would like to become a better sales leader, start with our complimentary Leadership Self-Assessment. This 5-minute Quiz is designed to help reveal blind spots and...

How to Get Past an Emotional Trigger

In intense debates, we often find ourselves triggering one another, with both parties adamantly clinging to their own positions and refusing to budge. Unfortunately, this only serves to inflame the argument and escalate the conflict. So what can you do instead to minimize those emotional responses and accomplish the desired outcome of the conversation? Watch this video to find out.   #VelocityMindset #PowerfulConversations #CommunicationSkills

Why Creating the Right Environment is Critical for Your Success

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by those annoying robocalls that start off with a plea, 'Please don't hang up'? We've all been there. But think about it for a moment. Why would anyone begin a conversation like that? It's off-putting, uninteresting, and suggests that most people simply disconnect the call. In today's video, we'll explore why this approach fails and discuss a more effective strategy to engage your audience. #sales #salescall #leadership

Unwrapping Success: Apple’s Winning Formula for The Art of Packaging

From Tiffany's iconic blue boxes to Apple's masterful packaging strategy, the joy of unwrapping a gift makes it an unforgettable experience. With a focus on simplicity, quality, attention to detail, sustainability, and visual appeal, Apple knows how to captivate its audience. Your customers crave the same extraordinary experience. How do I know that? Well, look at Apple's remarkable success as the first $2 trillion-valued company. Which product or service has made you feel as special as Apple? Share your experiences in the comments...

Stop Letting Your Fears Do The Driving

As leaders, our fears can inadvertently hinder the growth and creativity of those we lead, projecting limitations onto our team members. This stifles their innovation and replaces possibilities with self-imposed boundaries. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this week’s video training we explore the transformative power of fearless leadership. Check it out! https://youtu.be/Rs3F43k6EnM #VelocityMindset #leadership #sales

How Not Knowing Your Audience Can Cost You Your Job

Anheuser-Busch's misstep on April 1st has turned into a full-blown crisis. Their new Instagram ad managed to offend their core conservative audience, highlighting the consequences when companies aim to expand into new markets without considering their existing customer base. So what lesson can we learn from this mistake? Watch this week’s video training to find out. #AnheuserBusch #BudLight #marketing #advertising #leadership

Risk Mitigation with The Velocity Mindset

Whether you are in sales or in a leadership position, you are going to be faced with making decisions and taking risks. Sometimes you will err in your decisions, but that is not what robs you of Velocity. Watch this week’s video training to discover the key to risk mitigation with the Velocity Mindset®. #sales #leadership #RiskMitigation