A Simple Way to Stop Negative Thoughts

It’s easy to let negative thoughts invade your mind. But addressing this is essential to good leadership—not just personal development. Think about it. If you are being negatively impacted with your negative thinking, how is that affecting you when it comes to leading others? In this video, motivational speaker and bestselling author Randy Gage shares a simple, yet powerful strategy he uses to stop negative thoughts. Check it out! #VelocityMindset #leadership #NegativeThoughts #LimitingThoughts #NegativeThinking #PositiveThinking #CEOmindset

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Regain Velocity

We all struggle with self-doubt – including the most confident among us. But it’s how we deal with those feelings that separates the successful achievers from everyone else. Achievers know how to use their self-doubt as fuel to reach higher and go faster – and you can, too. Watch this video training to discover a simple two-step process to overcome self-doubt and regain Velocity. #VelocityMindset #leadership #LeadershipTraining #LeadershipCoach #SelfDoubt

How to get your team onboard with your vision

As a leader, you can only go so far through your own efforts. Leaders know they will go much farther through the efforts of others. That means they need to gain buy-in for their ideas. There is no organization or a leader who doesn’t have to tackle that question if they’ve got to make a transformative change. Watch this video training, where Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University, shares the key techniques he uses to get his team...

How to overcome disagreements in business – faster, better and more effectively

Whether in a personal or business relationship, there will always be some disagreement. What’s important, however, is knowing how to deal with it. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to deal with breakdowns in communication. Watch this week’s video training to discover a very simple but effective way I've learned over the years for dealing productively with disagreement. #VelocityMindset #leadership #communication #CommunicationSkills #disagreement

Are you chasing a pipe dream?

When considering a new idea, how often do you tell yourself a story—a reason why you can’t do it? We’re all victims of our own biases and past experiences. But addressing this is essential to good leadership—not just personal development. In this video, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power, reveals how to let go of the beliefs that don’t serve us anymore and hold us back. #VelocityMindset #leadership #NegativeBeliefs

How to Unlock Your Creative Mind

Even if you believe you aren’t the “creative type,” you can’t ignore this important skill. According to IBM, 60% of CEOs believe that creativity is the number one skill to have in a leadership role. Creativity helps us solve problems and come up with new ideas. But our daily habits either help us ignite our imagination or diminish it. So what can you do to activate your mind and encourage it to think outside the box?Find out in this week’s...

How Do You Create Real Value for Your Customers

Creating and providing value for customers is the key to growing any business. Without value, there is no demand. But how do you define value? And how do you create it for your customers? Find out in this video training with Bob Burg, co-author of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver. #VelocityMindset #GoGiver #leadership #value #sales

The one behavior that strips sales executives of their Velocity

The inability to properly qualify prospects is the one behavior that strips sales executives of their Velocity. I've seen many companies waste a lot of time sending countless proposals to new prospects with a closing ratio of only 10-20%. So what is the best way to qualify your prospects? Do these two things. #VelocityMindset #sales #prospecting #SalesProspecting #SalesTraining #SalesCoach #SalesTips #SalesExecutive #leadership

The key to building a high-performance business that lasts

Named the #3 CEO in the world by Inc. magazine, Bob Chapman has transformed Barry-Wehmiller from a struggling business into a thriving operation with $3 billion in revenue. He did so by applying a people-centric style, which he calls Truly Human Leadership. However, he says, achieving success is not just about being nice to people. There is one other key component that every business leader must take responsibility for. Watch this clip from a recent episode of The Velocity Mindset®...