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Who Needs Training Wheels?

Who Needs Training Wheels?

As some of you know, my daughter Amanda will turn 6 years old on June 1st. My mother wants to buy her a bike and told me since she didn't learn yet how to ride a regular bike, we should buy her one with training wheels that can come off when she learns. My response? Not! Amanda already has an older bike with training wheels. If she really wants the comfort of training wheels, she can ride the old bike....
Gary Nelsen – Agfa Corp

Gary Nelsen – Agfa Corp

Gary Nelsen: Western Zone Sales Manager, Medical Imaging- Agfa Corp Imagine a team of sales executives who unanimously claim that their manager is the best manager they ever had. He goes out of his way to solve their problems and free them as much as possible to go out and do what they are hired to do---sell. Now add to this picture the manager, who claims that his account executives are his customers. His role is to serve them and...
Peter Lewis- CEO of Progressive Insurance

Peter Lewis- CEO of Progressive Insurance

What do you think fueled Progressive's growth from $3.4 Billion in 1996 to over $6.1 Billion last year? Answer: Technology. Imagine you just had a car accident (hopefully you won't, but go along with me on this one) and before the police and tow trucks reach the scene, your Progressive claims adjuster shows up, counsels you on who to call, checks into websites of service shops, looks at your contract and gives you the claims payment on the spot. How...