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The Insider’s Secret to Building & Growing Your Business with Impact!

Would you like to create a culture that is dedicated to DOUBLING revenues, growing market share, and breaking THROUGH glass ceilings?

Get ready to have access to the cutting-edge Sales & Leadership Strategies used by high-growth companies, Fortune 500s, and small boardrooms.

Do you want to…

  • Ensure your company reaches its maximum revenues, profitability, and potential?
  • Apply proven strategies to increase your share of existing markets?
  • Eliminate the headache of figuring out which sales processes are BEST for your staff?
  • Have a clear blueprint so you can make a greater Impact in the world?
  • Be able to easily reposition and/or turnaround key accounts?

If so, contact Ron’s team to hire him as a coach with Impact!

The key to having a high-performing sales culture is understanding that it DOESN’T just consist of your sales team, but an entire company dedicated to penetrating new markets, increasing sales, and supporting the initiative.

Ron teaches companies how to create environments that increase engagement/interest levels and eliminate defenses so that your customers will BE EXCITED to hear what you are going to say and the value of what you are giving.

How do you do this?

Hire Ron Karr to Impact your organization to PUSH & CHALLENGE itself to higher levels of performance.

Senior execs have enough “YES” people telling them what they THINK they want to hear. Not Ron Karr. He is known to be the one guy in the room to say no. He isn’t going to quit until your positioning and sales strategies not only generate results but outperform your competition. When clients call on him, he is already five steps ahead and preparing strategies to ensure game-changing outcomes. Ron will validate your existing strategies, push you in areas you need to grow, and hold you accountable.

It’s not just about one-time results; it’s about demanding commitment, accountability, and execution.

As your Impact Expert, Ron will:

  • Help you map out your company’s vision and path
  • Identify the gaps that are preventing your company from hitting the next level
  • Provide customized solutions/strategies and walk you through each step
  • Provide cohesiveness and clarity among your executive suite

Whether you are looking to create a global Impact, solve a specific problem, or just move the needle, having Ron on your team will be your most valuable asset.


“There’s ALWAYS another way. You just haven’t thought of it yet. Keep digging.” – Ron Karr

Make the same choice as Agfa Medical, SigmaPoint Technologies, and Cognis Corp, and hire Ron today.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you and your associates for your superb assistance in helping my division successfully negotiate a major volume…valued at over $20M annually for a total of more than $200M.

– R. Brantley Sudderth, General Manager,
Mineral Industry Division, Cognis Corp.

You did a wonderful job of challenging me and my team on our approach! You offered guidance on what we needed to do and then held us accountable. This is a differentiator and a BIG value add.

– Brent Cobb, President, World Class Industries

We have hired Ron Karr to help us create our strategic sales direction and identify gaps in our sales process/organization. Ron has helped to clearly identify behaviors that were not serving us well and strategies on how to achieve our growth goals. To date we utilize Ron’s concepts and strategies and as a result we truly are a different company that is more secure in controlling its own destiny.

– Dan Bergeron, President & CEO, SigmaPoint Technologies Inc.

Karr captures a lifetime of winning strategies and experiences and puts them in a practical context for sales leaders and sellers.

– Barry S. Goldstein, Senior Vice President, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

You surpassed our goals for these sessions by delivering quality content, customized messages, and innovative ideas, all with a very lively and motivating presentation style.

– Lesley Archer Rice, Director of Development, HQ Business Centers

Are you ready to create a high-performing culture that maximizes revenues and grows market share with Impact?