Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind Group™
Think Bigger. Transform Your Organization. Lead with Impact.

Would you like to be mentored by the Master of Impact, collaborate with a group of trusted peers, & achieve results beyond your expectations?

The Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind Group is an exclusive peer-to-peer mentoring experience for CEOs and senior executives of high growth companies.

Would You Like to Be Mentored by the Master of Impact, Collaborate with a Group of Trusted Peers, & Achieve Results BEYOND Your Expectations?

Yes?! It’s time to join the highly exclusive Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind Group™, a peer-to-peer mentoring group of CEOs and Senior Executives of high-growth companies.

This ISN’T just any Mastermind Group.

The Master of Impact!, Ron Karr and a group of your trusted peers join forces to create an “all in” playing mentality that is motivated and dedicated to your success.

They are going to push and challenge you to break molds, eliminate ineffective processes, implement new and innovative strategies, and you will be held accountable every step of the way.

This Mastermind is the embodiment of Ron’s desire to allow today’s powerful executives to come together to share ideas freely, to learn from each other, and to make a larger Impact together.

Get ready to have…

  • A group of people you can TRUST to talk about your most pressing issues
  • A place you can go to spend time on your business AWAY from the fires
  • OUTSIDER perspectives on how to grow your revenues exponentially
  • Alternative ways to resolve issues, improve sales and organizational structures

And to top it off, you will be invited to events that are known to deliver GAME-CHANGING experiences.

Get ready to REPLACE your existing sales paradigm with one that is metamorphic, dynamic, and strategically crafted from the accumulated knowledge of successful leaders!

The CRO Mastermind Group will provide you with:

  • The skills to become a WORLD-CLASS LEADER and create a team that executes your vision and exceeds your customers’ expectations
  • Proven methods to create high-performance cultures that are strong, motivated, and purpose-minded
  • The confidence and knowledge to achieve exponential growth both professionally and personally

Joining this exclusive group is the most important collaboration you’ll make to fast-tracking your business.

Knock your goals out of the park.

Discover what separates typical executives from world-class leaders.

Experience the power of exponential growth.

Membership is by Invitation Only.

It’s been an awesome experience getting the chance to work with other executives who are in charge of large sales pipelines in other industries. Ron does a masterful job putting the group together and facilitating the conversations in a meaningful

– Brad Holtzinger, Vice President, MIPS

The value that was given to me was a strong commitment from the team to support one another. Ron’s mentoring was fantastic in terms of keeping us on track and giving us unbelievable information and tools to keep us committed to improving.

– Dan Bergeron, President, SigmaPoint Technologies

You have genuine desire to HELP people and see them succeed. That, combined with your strong talent for coaching and mentoring senior executives, sales understanding, and strategic thinking, make you a high-value coach/mentor for the ENTREPRUENRAL executive — those that are trying to get their company to the next level…the peer mentoring aspects and confidential nature of the program are also extremely

– Jon Dumbauld, President, Communications Integrators Inc.

Meeting colleagues from other industries has been very helpful to me in my career. The Trimetrics tool we used is going to help me dramatically, and the hot-seat format is invaluable.

– Michael Marrotte, Vice President Sales –
Eastern Region, United Natural Foods, Inc.

Your coaching on sales, marketing, leadership, and psychology (of the sales process) is very valuable. You’re a no-B.S. coach who pushes people in their uncomfortable zones, which is the only place to grow.

– Brian Tauber, President, CPP Global

Your Exclusive Mastermind Membership will include:

  • Three three-day Chief Revenue Officer Masterminds™ Events:
    • A comprehensive focus on optimizing the success of your sales and leadership strategies
    • In-depth business evaluations designed to maximize your profits and facilitate life-learning experiences
  • Access to Key Contacts & High Level Leaders:
    • Mastermind members are comprised of a peer group of proven sales experts from different industries (specifically created to limit myopic thinking and expand horizons)
    • Complete connectivity to high-caliber contacts and the opportunity to leverage introductions to industry elites
  • Direct Access to Ron Karr & Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind™ Members:
    • Personalized guidance in the execution of the business goals and objectives you have set forth within your organization
    • Connection to proven, knowledgeable resources that are invaluable during critical decision making points
    • Full access and support from the leadership team and other Mastermind members
  • Personalized Tri-Metrics Leadership Evaluation:
    • All Mastermind members will complete a full Tri-Metrics evaluation and receive a detailed 75-page report providing the critical information needed to lead your organization to the next level of profitability and success
    • The key components of your leadership and behavioral styles, core business values, and key skill sets will be identified
    • Customized techniques will be provided in order to strengthen your entire organization
  • Individual Tri-Metrics Consultation:
    • A debrief to allow Mastermind members to identify specific implementation strategies that will leverage their strengths, and develop and grow their leadership skills
  • Personal Strategic Partnership Mastermind:
    • A consulting session with Ron Karr to identify proven service providers, business connections, and potential partnerships that will facilitate the growth of your business
    • Ron brings the experience he has acquired coaching, mentoring, and consulting for companies with sales revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. His expertise and experience drive the Mastermind group members to the highest possible levels of sales success.
  • VIP Entry into all of Ron Karr’s events, public programs, and networking functions:
    • In addition, Mastermind member employees will receive a 40% discount to all public programs
  • Access to Exclusive Mastermind Member Privileges:
    • The exclusive inner circle will be granted privileges to interact with other Mastermind members, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, offer your services, and run ideas past each other.

Knock your goals out of the park.

Discover what separates typical executives from world-class leaders.

Experience the power of exponential growth.

Membership is by Invitation Only.