Traditional sales approaches are long gone.
To take full advantage of present and future opportunities lying on the table, successful organizations are pivoting with Ron Karr’s Velocity Mindset®.

“Ron’s Velocity Mindset® helps people be the very best they can be, and that’s a great contribution to the success of companies, teams, individuals and families.”
– Mike Flanagan, Former North American Business Manager,
Agfa HealthCare

Ron’s highly-sought-after signature keynote
and training program, the Velocity Mindset®
leads organizations to

  • remove

    Remove Barriers

  • powerful

    Powerfully Position

  • achieve

    Achieve Bigger
    Results in Less Time

With 36+ years in sales, leadership, consulting and speaking around the world,
Ron’s list of successful outcomes symbolizes the significant legacy he leaves
his clients and audiences.

Industry leaders, such as YPO, Hertz, UPS, Agfa, United Natural Foods,
Marriott Hotels are reaping extensive rewards after Ron’s programs.

His Extremely successful and in-demand
methodologies also extend

  • Over the airwaves in radio interviews
    on Wall Street Business Report, ABC
    News Radio

  • In television appearances on Fox News,
    CBS Morning Show, BBC, Bloomberg
    TV and C-Suite TV

  • In over 250 national magazines

  • In his four published books, including
    the most recent highly acclaimed, CEO
    best-selling title, "Lead, Sell, or Get Out
    of the Way."

In today's competitive environment, Ron's result-driven strategies change the bottom line. Having Ron by your side is like hiring a homing missile that won’t quit until the goal is surpassed. His passion, tenacity, and drive is fueled by his desire to help organizations achieve significant results by adapting the Velocity Mindset®


Ron's signature programs are designed to do MORE than motivate, they are created to empower audiences to immediately do things differently and generate lasting results.

The Velocity Mindset®

Create more value and opportunities while shortening your sales cycle.

Break through the glass ceiling when Ron Karr transforms the mind-set of your team and customers to increase sales in less time and become irreplaceable to your customers.

In his most requested keynote, Ron Karr offers innovative and practical strategies on how to differentiate yourself from the competition and significantly increase revenues and profits. Be the company businesses MUST hire because of your differentiating approach – the Velocity Mindset®

  • Leverage the psychology of influence
  • Successfully engage the skills and passion of your employees, teams and customers
  • Remove barriers
  • Position your products and services more powerfully
  • Discover the counterintuitive engagement strategy of leading with Outcomes vs Products/Services
  • Achieve bigger result



Weekly Tactics for Creating
More Value While Cutting
Your Sales Cycle


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