What is the Secret to Agfa Medical, SigmaPoint Technologies, and Wright Medical’s Leadership Staff?
Ron Karr’s Leading with Impact!

Ron Karr’s proven strategies have built and Impacted businesses of all sizes- from the start-up to the Fortune 100. His secret? Never go it alone. Today, business success depends on hiring and developing the best talent. In this instant access course, Ron leads you through one of the most challenging aspects of leadership, and enables you to unleash your team’s potential.


One of the main reasons why Ron’s training is used over others is because it IS NOT based on theory. His entire teachings are based on practical applications on effective conversations and leadership strategies that will garner immediate results.

Ron has impacted myself and the VP of Sales in a life-changing way. He gave us a new perspective to now work with territory managers so that they can really execute strategies for growth… Ron’s Impacted my focus; my idea of what it means to partner with someone to enhance your leadership abilities and Impact growth!

– Brent Cobb
Discover how to:
  • Coach versus manage employees to achieve peak performance
  • Create rewarding environments that MOTIVATE your teams
  • Hire the right people and demand the best from your employees

If you are a Manager, CEO, or Sales Executive, Ron’s highly acclaimed training will offer you tools to become an impactful Leader and build your organization.

You’ll learn:
  • The correct way to mentor your employees to get maximum productivity and why doing it the wrong way can cause irreparable harm.
  • You’ll learn best practices and systems you can implement to ensure you’re hiring diamonds instead of duds.
  • How to create a culture of accountability that exceeds customer expectations and propels your organization to being a market leader.
Here are the topics covered:
  1. The Role of the Leader
  2. How to Coach People
  3. The Hiring Process
  4. Conducting Interviews
  5. Compensation
  6. Accountability
  7. Impactful Meeting
  8. Motivation
  9. Futuristic Thinking
  10. Wrap-up

* This program includes downloadable pdfs, summaries, and exercises


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