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This Special Bundle package is designed to dramatically elevate your leaders, sales teams, and customers with the same innovative methods used by Agfa Medical, Hertz, Marriott, and Lincoln Financial. You get both Selling with Impact! And Leading With Impact! Programs plus a couple of extra surprises.


Ron’s cutting-edge programs will push and challenge your organization to higher levels of performance!

You will receive full access to all four of Ron’s highly acclaimed learning systems:

  1. ONLINE TRAINING #1: Selling with Impact!

    Ron Karr’s leading online training program has become the sales executive’s secret to selling more in less time, increasing revenues, expanding market shares, and helping to double, triple, and even QUADRIPLE profits.Topics covered:

    • The concept of Impact
    • Mindset
    • Insight
    • Motivation
    • Velocity
    • Creation vs. Competition
    • Questions
    • Listening vs. Hearing
    • The Value Proposition
    • Conflict Resolution
    • When to Fire a Prospect?
    • The Psychology of Selling
    • Impacting the Four Buying Influences
    • Getting Referrals
    • Final Thoughts and Impact

    * These programs include downloadable pdfs, summaries, and exercises

  2. ONLINE TRAINING #2: Leading with Impact!

    Not only have top companies implemented his strategies to hire, mentor, and train successful leaders but, Ron has personally used this system to build several mult-million dollar businesses.Topics covered:

    • The Role of the Leader
    • How to Coach People
    • The Hiring Process
    • Conducting Interviews
    • Compensation
    • Accountability
    • Impactful Meeting
    • Motivation
    • Futuristic Thinking
    • Wrap-up

    * These programs include downloadable pdfs, summaries, and exercises

  3. WHITE PAPER: Winning Negotiating Strategies: Effectively Influence Others
    to Accept Your Suggestions

    The strategies and tactics in this paper have been developed over 18 years of experience, and clients have cumulatively paid millions of dollars in consulting fees to learn these approaches and see these results. In the past, clients using these tactics negotiated their way to a 10-year supply contract, valued at more than $200 million.
  4. AUDIO: The Titan Principle: Listen to Ron Karr Live and learn how
    you can sell MORE in less time at a higher profit!

    If knowledge is power, get ready for the mental workout of your career! In this live presentation, you will hear some of the concepts covered in the On Line Training Programs come alive with examples.

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