Effectively Influence Others to Accept Your Suggestions

How much money have you left on the table as a result of poor negotiations? Leaving money on the table does not have to do with the product or service you are selling. Rather, it is your negotiating skills that will dictate your level of success. Anyone can have a revolutionary product or offer a unique service. Yet, without the proper negotiation strategies, the value is lost.

Who Winning Negotiating Strategies Applies to:

  • As a seller, you will learn how to sell more in less time at higher profit.
  • As a buyer, you will learn how to save bundles of money.
  • As a business professional, you will succeed in getting people to buy into your suggestions.

What Winning Negotiating Strategies Offers:

  • Specific descriptions and characteristics of negotiating strategies
  • Tactics to handle even the most stubborn people
  • Tactics that allow you to maintain value and not discount
  • Points of power to support you through the negotiation process
Winning Negotiating Strategies yields results!

In the past, clients using these tactics negotiated their way to a 10-year supply contract, valued at more than $200 million.

Benefits from Winning Negotiating Strategies:

  • Learn to recognize the strategies & tactics used on you.
  • Be able to bounce back with counter strategies to ensure your selling success.
  • Successfully handle price objections, and therefore be able to sell VALUE.
  • Achieve improved communications with significant others, colleagues, friends and family. After all, negotiations are nothing more than being able to influence others to accept your offer.

Bottom line: An effective communication only happens when all parties involved perceive they have won. It’s time to hone your negotiating skills to ensure you are getting the deal you deserve and are increasing your level of influence. You have the right products, services and ideas. You just need to be able to effectively influence others to accept your suggestions.

The strategies and tactics in this paper have been developed over 18 years of experience, and clients have cumulatively paid millions of dollars in consulting fees to learn these approaches and see these results.

It’s time for Winning Negotiation Strategies.
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