By John Lusher | November 11, 2020 |

Thinking big positively impacts your Velocity, but it also involves taking some well-thought-out risks. Are you taking calculated risks to gain Velocity and achieve success? #VelocityMindset #ThinkBig #TakeRisks #AchieveSuccess


By John Lusher | October 23, 2020 |

Fear is a really powerful force that can stall your progress and impeded your Velocity. If you allow others to trigger your fears while trying to negotiate, you simply will not get what it is that you are after. So what should you do to close the deal whenever the negotiations don’t go as planned? Find…

How to Grow Your Business in Less Time in 2019

By | February 11, 2019 |

Sales and leadership have taught me a great deal about relationships, and so have those of you who have been on this journey with me over the years. We have worked together and grown together, and you have allowed me to develop as a consultant, speaker, and writer. That is why I am so excited…

Getting Past the Dreaded Answer: NO

By ronkarr.Admin | June 20, 2018 |

What happens when a customer says no to you? What do you do? Ninety percent of salespeople accept no as an outright rejection and just move on. But that is the worst thing you can do! In doing so, you disqualify yourself from numerous sales. Why? Because a good sales executive will encounter between three…

Using Numbers to Build Sales

By ronkarr.Admin | April 25, 2018 |

Michael Lewis’s 2003 bestselling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, which inspired the 2011 film Moneyball, examined the Oakland A’s baseball team and their general manager’s approach to assembling a team that could compete, despite its comparatively low payroll. A’s manager Billy Beane introduced baseball to sabermetrics—“the application of statistical analysis to…

How to Save Time and Get Your Prospects from No to Yes

By ronkarr.Admin | February 27, 2018 |

None of us in sales escapes the occasional “no.” The power lies in understanding what each customer or prospect means when they say it. Once you know that, you’ll know what to do about it. Here are five typical reasons a customer/prospect says no and the appropriate solution for each: Reason 1—Bad Timing No matter…

How to Use Voicemail to Get Your Prospects’ Attention

By ronkarr.Admin | February 15, 2018 |

Do you get frustrated when your prospects or customers do not return your calls? I know I do. I may be a Sales and Leadership expert, but when I don’t get a return call, I still review what I said to figure out what I need to change in order to get better results. Remember: Your customers and prospects are…

Dear Manager: A Letter from a Sales Hunter

By ronkarr.Admin | January 30, 2018 |

Does your organization know how to support a sales hunter?  As a Sales and Leadership expert, I have noticed that this relationship can be a complicated one—on both sides. Below is a letter written by a hunter to management that addresses typical issues hunters face. The letter is meant to raise issues hunters should address to gain the support they…

Sometimes Change Powers Success

By ronkarr.Admin | January 10, 2018 |

When is change the ingredient necessary to success? Do you have the guts to call for a change the way Nick Saban did in Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship? His quarterback, Jalen Hurts, who has been working for him for two years and amassed a record of 25 and 2 wasn’t producing in…

The Key to More Success

By ronkarr.Admin | December 18, 2017 |

When my 23-year-old daughter Amanda started her job in New York City on October 1, she decided to join the company gym and be there at 6:45 every morning. That means leaving for work every morning before 5:45 a.m. to drive the 30 minutes to catch the 6:15 ferry to the city. I figured this wouldn’t last long. Boy did she prove…


Mindsets that Generate Positive Outcomes

By ronkarr.Admin / February 21, 2017 /

There’s no way to succeed in sales without a mindset that expects that success! As a sales and leadership expert, I am always thinking about this mindset.

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How You Can Get Back a Year of Your Life

By ronkarr.Admin / February 14, 2017 /

Assumptions can have a profound effect on productivity, fun, fulfillment, and IMPACT.  As a sales and leadership expert, I have found that this impact is a negative one that robs us of valuable time.

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VIDEO: What Are The Three Critical Things a CEO Must Do On A Daily Basis

By ronkarr.Admin / January 26, 2017 /

As a sales and leadership expert I’ve learned there are three critical things a CEO must do on a daily basis:

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Expanding Influence: Hearing versus Listening

By ronkarr.Admin / January 17, 2017 /

As a sales and leadership expert, I want to take a look at the difference between listening and hearing, and the IMPACT true listening can have on your personal and professional relationships.

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Getting Workers Off of Cell Phones

By ronkarr.Admin / January 10, 2017 /

As a sales and leadership expert, I often find that leaders and managers are focused on the symptoms, not the underlying condition. They obsess over common workplace problems, but underneath those problems is the issue of a lack of motivation.

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VIDEO: Using Enterprise Conversations To Lessen The Impact Of Price

By ronkarr.Admin / January 5, 2017 /

As a sales and leadership expert, I have worked with sales executives on having  enterprise conversations with their customers.  Enterprise conversations go way beyond price.  The enterprise conversation is about how much money and time one will  save over the lifetime of a product.   It is about gaining better utilization, efficiency and overall results.  If you have the right enterprise conversation, the price of your product/service will often be the last thing you talk about.  Watch this video to see how to have an effective enterprise conversation.

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Video: The Number One Secret On How To Penetrate New Markets

By ronkarr.Admin / December 29, 2016 /

As a sales and leadership expert I am inundated by companies who are struggling to find and penetrate new markets. In order to penetrate new markets, you must be able to impact their results beyond what the competition is currently doing.  Watch this video to see how you can easily penetrate new markets and grow your sales!

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How To Guarantee Success When Promoting a Top Producer Into A Manager’s Role

By ronkarr.Admin / December 20, 2016 /

As a sales and leadership expert, I see many times companies promoting top performing sales executives to management positions and they fail! Why do they fail? They fail because they didn’t have the IMPACT necessary to lead a team and the reason for that is they have not transformed from being a sales exec to being a sales leader. This post will share with you how top producing sales executives can make this transformation seamlessly and succeed!

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Learn How New Ideas Can Help You Break Into New Markets With Impact!

By ronkarr.Admin / December 13, 2016 /

As a sales and leadership expert Ron examines how to impact a new market with your product and services by creating better results.

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