Empower your revenue growth with the CRO Mastermind Group

The VELOCITY MINDSET™ Chief Revenue Officer Group brings together successful sales executives from a variety of industries, representing high-growth companies with $10-200 million in sales. Success today requires input from like-minded individuals in different industries who face the same problems. Together, they share strategies that are helping them grow revenues and profits. With peer-to-peer mentoring CRO Group members will find many of the answers they are seeking to their current challenges.

Empower Your Revenue Growth With The CRO Mastermind Group

The CRO Challenge:

  1. How to increase sales with limited resources
  2. Insufficient sales process and skills
  3. Lack of agreement on goals at C Suite Level
  4. Inability to openly talk about issues without sending the wrong signals
  5. Sales team not operating at optimum levels
  6. Not knowing how to use technology to grow the bottom line
  7. Lack of peers willing to openly share knowledge, experience, and resources without reservation

The CRO Solution:

  1. Resource network to help build your business
  2. Safe place to express issues and gain new perspectives
  3. Guidance from fellow CRO members who have no vested interest in your decision other than your success
  4. Access to professional and intellectual knowledge of fellow CRO Members
  5. Personalized leadership skills enhancement plan for each CRO Member
  6. Focus of CRO meetings is solely on building a high- performance sales culture
  7. Community of fellow CROs who are committed to your success

What Our Members Say

Ron Karr changed my life... The CRO has led to increased sales of 25% and will double our revenue in the next 3 years. A game changer for me.

Dan Bergeron

President & CEO, SigmaPoint Technologies, Inc

You have genuine desire to HELP people and see them succeed. That, combined with your strong talent for coaching and mentoring senior executives, sales understanding, and strategic thinking, make you a high-value coach/mentor for the ENTREPRENEURIAL executive — those that are trying to get their company to the next level…the peer mentoring aspects and confidential nature of the program are also extremely valuable.

Jon Dumbauld

President, Communications Integrators Inc.

It’s been an awesome experience getting the chance to work with other executives who are in charge of large sales pipelines in other industries. Ron does a masterful job putting the group together and facilitating the conversations in a meaningful way.

Brad Holtzinger

Vice President, MIPS

The value that was given to me was a strong commitment from the team to support one another. Ron’s mentoring was fantastic in terms of keeping us on track and giving us unbelievable information and tools to keep us committed to improving.

Dan Bergeron

President, SigmaPoint Technologies

Meeting colleagues from other industries has been very helpful to me in my career. The Trimetrics tool we used is going to help me dramatically, and the hot-seat format is invaluable.

Michael Marrotte

Vice President Sales, Eastern Region, United Natural Foods, Inc.

Your coaching on sales, marketing, leadership, and psychology (of the sales process) is very valuable. You’re a no-B.S. coach who pushes people in their uncomfortable zones, which is the only place to grow.

Brian Tauber

President, CPP Global

CRO Mastermind Membership Benefits

Chief Revenue

6 Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Mastermind Group Meetings

The goal of the virtual sessions is to ensure each CRO member is following through on their organizational commitments made during the onsite meetings. Accountability is a vital part of organizational growth for any team and staying focused on sales goals and objectives is part of the fabric of the CRO group.

Annual Licenses

Annual Licenses for Custom Velocity Mindset™ Videos

Exclusive training module videos designed to differentiate your organization and sales officers from the competition, to increase your market share and value through utilizing the skill of velocity.

Quarterly strategic

Quarterly Strategic Coaching Calls with Ron Karr

Members will receive quarterly strategic consulting sessions with Ron Karr. In this session, Ron will identify proven service providers, business connections, and potential partnerships that will facilitate the growth of your business.

Personalized tri-metrics

Personalized Tri-Metrics Leadership Evaluation

That is geared toward identifying the key components of your leadership style and technique which will strengthen your entire organization.

Direct access

Direct Access to Ron Karr

To assist in the execution of the business goals and objectives you have set forth within your organization. Core to the CRO Group is the knowledge that access to proven knowledgeable resources is invaluable during critical decision-making points. Group members always have full access to and support from the leadership team.

Access to key

Access to Key Contacts

Membership in the CRO Group allows each member access to the people they require to grow sales and revenue. Through the connectivity of this high-caliber group, members are no more than 3 degrees of separation away from the key people they seek to access. One of the key benefits of being a member of the CRO Group is leveraging introductions to key contacts through fellow members of the group.


3-Day On-Site CRO Retreat

Completely focused on optimizing the success of your organization's sales. The events will feature in-depth business evaluations designed to maximize your profits while deepening your network of experienced and proven sales experts.

Discover What Separates Typical Executives from World-Class Leaders.

Joining this exclusive group is the most important collaboration.

You'll make to fast-tracking your business.

Experience the power of exponential growth.

Membership by invitation only.

For consideration of membership, please schedule your 30-minute interview with Ron