The key to having a high-performing sales culture is understanding that it DOESN’T just consist of your sales team, but an entire company dedicated to penetrating new markets, increasing sales, and supporting the initiative.

When clients call on Ron for advisory services, he is already five steps ahead and preparing strategies to ensure game-changing outcomes. Ron will validate your existing strategies, push you in areas you need to grow, and hold you accountable.

He will keep working until your positioning and sales strategies generate results and outperform your competition.

It’s not just about one-time results; it’s about demanding commitment, consistency, accountability, and execution


As your Advisor, Ron will Push and Challenge Your Organization to achieve the following:

  • Higher levels of performance!

  • Maximize revenues, profitability, and potential.

  • Increase existing markets

  • Implement The Velocity Mindset which is the most successful sales process.

  • Develop a clear blueprint to make a greater impact in the world

  • Easily reposition and/or turnaround key accounts.


Ron Karr, CSP

In-Demand Global Speaker & Advisor
Sales Leadership Success Expert
Creator of the Velocity Mindset™
CEO Best-Selling Author

Benefits of Ron Karr’s Velocity Mindset

As your advisor, Ron Karr, CSP customizes each program to address the greatest concerns of your organization and meet the following needs.

  • Select techniques best for your staff, company, offering and situation

  • Demonstrate how to reposition your services / products for maximum share and gain

  • Share leadership strategies that reach farther than before

  • Transform your organization and sales team into a growth machine

  • Change your mindset to shut off negativity and turn it into positive.

  • Design a custom blueprint for your team that addresses your challenges

While working with Ron, you will find a perfect partnership that focuses on delivering the following outcomes:

  • Be accountable

  • Handle serious commitment

  • Stomach saying “No”

  • Implement change

  • Celebrate outperforming

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R. Brantley Sudderth

General Manager, Mineral Industry Division, Cognis Corp.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you and your associates for your superb assistance in helping my division successfully negotiate a major volume…valued at over $20M annually for a total of more than $200M.

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Brent Cobb

President, World Class Industries

You did a wonderful job of challenging me and my team on our approach! You offered guidance on what we needed to do and then held us accountable. This is a differentiator and a BIG value add.

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Dan Bergeron

President & CEO, SigmaPoint Technologies Inc.

We have hired Ron Karr to help us create our strategic sales direction and identify gaps in our sales process/organization. Ron has helped to clearly identify behaviors that were not serving us well and strategies on how to achieve our growth goals. To date we utilize Ron’s concepts and strategies and as a result we truly are a different company that is more secure in controlling its own destiny.

Get ready to implement
The Velocity Mindset  into your
organization and stop leaving
opportunities behind!