Manage Stars
with Star Power

It’s time to disrupt management protocol. Ron Karr infuses senior executives and management teams with the key to developing superstars. But not by managing. The biggest mistake managers make is that they manage people. Managing is for processes; not people. When managers coach people, superstars show up for work.

In an exciting exchange of disruptive dialogue and solutions, Ron Karr proves that all Star Power comes when managers coach their teams to adapt the Velocity Mindset®

Coaches vs. Managers

  • Coaches focus on results; not tasks

  • Select the right employees for the job

  • Coaches look to effectively develop the team to move the performance needle north

  • Coaches don’t get stuck in the weeds

  • Coaches motivate employees to increase production

  • Coaches let the team members do their job without micromanaging

  • Coaches know what each employee needs in order to achieve optimal performance.

WithVelocity Mindset® managers create a coaching environment where prospective employees will be knocking down your doors for an interview - no matter the employment rates.