Sell More in Less Time and
Become a Master Influencer

Knock your competition out of the park. This masterful presentation, based on Ron’s CEO best-selling book, Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, offers winning strategies on how to go from selling to leading.

You will discover how to

  • increase-sales

    Increase sales to existing customers by cross-selling

  • close-new-costumers

    Close new customers faster

  • alliances1

    Build alliances

  • Kick old selling methods to the curb by learning to close bigger deals with more confidence and speed

  • Create value so irresistible, it blows the competition off the playing field

  • Elevate the brain’s natural dopamine response to reduce customer’s fears and secure commitment

  • What most salespeople don’t do: use outcomes to penetrate new accounts and uproot long-term suppliers.

  • Seize the mindset of a top producer so you can

      • outsell your competition
      • shorten the sales cycle
      • double, triple and quadruple sales revenue


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