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Do you leverage your strengths to win the game of life? 

This past Sunday, we had a great Super Bowl with an overtime win—the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams had two different styles of quarterbacks. One of the reasons both teams made it to the Super Bowl was because their head coaches leveraged each quarterback's strengths. Coach Andy Reid, with the Chiefs, leveraged Patrick Mahomes' three strengths. Mahomes has an excellent arm strength and accuracy. The accuracy is how far he could throw the ball. He...
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How to reframe your argument to move forward

Do you know how to reframe your argument to move forward? Reframing is a cognitive technique used both in psychology and communications to shift your viewpoint as to how you see the problem so that you can see it correctly. Hertz reframed the situation a while back when they surveyed their top renters. The biggest complaint they received was how long it took to return the car at the depot and get back to the terminal. Hertz initially viewed this as...

How to add Velocity to Your Negotiations

In 2006, I collaborated on a negotiation book with famed negotiator, Herb Cohen. Herb has a saying that negotiation is a game, a game that both sides want to win. Yet, most people lose velocity in their efforts to negotiate a deal because they are married to getting the deal exactly the way they want it. That is not negotiation. You see, negotiation is where both sides take into account each side's positions and come up with a deal in...
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Do you know your Points Of Power?

So, before you go asking for the deal, do you know your POPs? POPs stands for Points Of Power. Yesterday, I was coaching a young lady who needed to ask for a significant deposit, and that was giving her a little bit of agita. So, I asked her: “Is this a repeat client?” She goes, “Yes.” So, she worked for you before? “Yes.” That's a Point of Power. Did she like the job you did for her before? “Yes.” That's...
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What do you have to give up to reach your New Year’s resolutions? 

25 years ago, when I started my speaking and consulting business, I started my first office in an executive suite. I met this person who worked for a computer company and we developed a friendship. Every morning we'd come to work, we would meet in the kitchen, and we'd have our morning coffee. We would sit down and kibitz, talk. Unfortunately, every day this person would talk about all the bad stuff that was happening in his life. After a...
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Making Good on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that we have started 2024, and we're looking at our New Year's resolutions, the question is, “How do we execute them?” Here's what I want you to think about: If you have more than one New Year's resolution, and you're trying to work on more than one at a time, that is a problem. This approach is going to interfere with your execution. Focus is the key to following up on your New Year's resolutions — and you can’t focus...

From Fixed to Growth: How to Cultivate a Powerful Mindset for Success

So, what's all this talk about mindset? Mindset is so important because it dictates what your actions will be. Mindset is everything about your state of being. It's about your skill sets, it's about your belief system. It's about how you see the world. That state of being leads to the decisions that you make. Now, there are two types of mindset. A fixed mindset is characterized by a belief that you've reached your limits with your current skill set....

The Crucial Factor Missing from Your 2024 Sales Plan

As you create your sales plan for 2024, what's the one issue you must pay special attention to? That one issue is your ideal customer profile, because that's going to determine whether or not you gain velocity in your sales efforts. Picture business 2012: I was just voted as the Vice President of the National Speakers Association, meaning that, two years from that date I was taking over as president. It was like having two full-time jobs. One was on...

Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude fuels success! Your leadership lights up the business world, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to support your journey. May this day of thanks recharge your Velocity Mindset® for even greater achievements ahead. May the food taste great with the company of friends and relatives providing you with all the warmth your heart desires. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Karr Associates, Inc!