Are you taking yourself out of the game before it even starts?

A seemingly small thing that makes a huge difference, mindset is the single most important factor that determines how successful you are going to become - in business and life. What you think directly affects your behavior, and not the other way around. Are you putting yourself into the right frame of mind to get the work done and achieve your goals? #VelocityMindset #SuccessMindset #LeaderMindset #CEOmindset #success #SuccessLeavesClues #sales #SalesLeadership

What’s stopping you from doing what you really want in life?

Everyone has their own desires and wants, but the question is: What keeps you from doing what you want to do? Whether in business or personal lives, we often get stopped from doing what we want by the reasons why we can’t. In this video, I share a simple trick that will allow you to change the conversation in your head from why you can’t do something to finding a way to do it. Take a look! #VelocityMindset #LeadershipMindset...

How to Set the Foundation for Peak Performance Mindset

Peak performance is no accident. It requires focus, preparation and hard work. In this video, my guest Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power, reveals the key to setting the foundation for peak performance mindset.   #VelocityMindset #leadership #PeakPerformance #LeadershipMindset #LeadershipCoach

How to Get Past an Emotional Trigger

We all have hot buttons. Whether it’s an employee who showed up late to a meeting or a business partner who disagreed with your idea, certain words or behaviors can spur a reaction that makes you either shut down or lash out in anger. But the problem is that allowing triggers to create emotional responses gets in the way of your success and blocks you from achieving the desired outcome. So how do you get past an emotional trigger and...

How to Use Storytelling as a Leadership Tool

Featuring Scott McKain, Expert on the Ultimate Customer Experience® and Author of "Ten Best" Biz Book (Forbes) Leadership storytelling plays a big role when it comes to driving customer or employee loyalty and engagement. You might have a sales goal that you want your team to hit or a particular mission for them to buy into. Yet getting them to do it is both art and science. This is where storytelling comes into play. Stories are fueled with emotion, and...

You Are More Than Enough

This past week, we lost a great soul. Her name was Glenna Salsbury. She was the past president - as I am - of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. Glenna was a dear friend of mine and a mentor. As I was rehearsing my acceptance speech to become president of the NSA, I called on Glenna to help me. It’s during those in-person sessions that she shared with me: “You know,...

Four things that separate extraordinary achievers from the rest of the pack

Every industry has a small set of high achievers. They are people you know and admire, including business leaders and other talented individuals. But there is an even smaller subset of people that exists within that group — the ultra-high achievers. These are the most exceptional individuals whose performances leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. So what separates these ultra-high performers from the rest of the pack? Dr Nido Qubein shares the secrets of extraordinary achievers in this video....

Are You Setting Yourself up to Fail?

Multitasking seems like a great way to accomplish a lot in less time. But neuro-science research shows that there is really no true multitasking. In fact, multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40%, some researchers suggest. So what is it that makes multitasking such a productivity killer? Find out in this video training. #VelocityMindset #multitasking #productivity #leadership #success

The three transformative revelations to help you move from management to leadership

Featuring Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc Named the #3 CEO in the world by Inc. magazine, Bob Chapman has transformed Barry-Wehmiller from a struggling business into a thriving operation with $3 billion in revenue. Watch this fragment from his recent Velocity Mindset® interview for the three transformative revelations he had that enabled him to move from management to leadership and build a high-performance business that lasts. #VelocityMindset #TrulyHumanLeadership #leadership #LeadershipCoach #LeadershipTraining #LeadershipMindset #LeaderMindset #CEOmindset