The Big Mistake
People Make when
Team Building

Disrupt your marketplace and gain acceptance when you unleash the power of your team. This high energy and powerful presentation with Ron Karr, will lead your organization to unleash its creativity through interactive dialogue with teams.

People think team building is all about having people added to a task. That is not true. Creative and effective teamwork is about creating new ideas from the creative dialogue among team members. Collaborative and strong teams significantly increase your competitive advantage.

Learn what most team members achieve with the Velocity Mindset®

  • Raise the bar to identify opportunities not yet discovered

  • Achieve whole new levels of performance for your customers

  • Remove barriers preventing customers from buying from you

  • Position yourself and your company as an invaluable resource

  • Become a Market Maker and influence customers so they see you as the answer to their challenges

  • Provide solutions to your customers unobtainable from the competition

Apply the Velocity Mindset® to continuously stay ahead of your competition.