Three Questions You Should Ask Each Prospect To Quickly Grow Your Sales

Published on April 11, 2024

Everyone is always looking for that quick fix.
That’s why Americans spend over $50 billion annually on vitamins and supplements. They want that quick fix.
So, what’s the quick fix you need in order to increase your sales?
Well, the magic bullet, in this case, comes in the form of three questions you need to ask each and every prospect:
1.“What does success look like to you from using my product or service?” You have to find that out because that answer will dictate all your actions. It’s also going to dictate the context, in which you must present your value proposition and how your product and service are going to help them achieve that outcome.
2.“Who is involved?” You need to find that out because not everybody has the power to say yes to the deal. But everybody has the power to say no. Find out who’s involved and meet as many of those people as possible. Then find out what success looks like for them and show how your solution will help them get to where they personally need to be.
3.“What’s the process?” Some companies have a strict process; if you don’t follow it, it will automatically cut you out of the deal. You’re no longer qualified. So why take the gamble? Follow their processes and do what they ask you to do. Hopefully, you will be doing it much better than your competition.
These are the three questions that present you with a magic bullet and increase your sales. One, what does success look like? Two, who is involved? And three, what is the process for making the decision?
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