Three Tips to Increase Sales

You can dramatically increase sales by helping your customer succeed. But how do you do that? 1. Become a stakeholder in your customers success. Make it part of your responsibility to help them succeed. 2. Develop a relationship with your customer that shows you are invested in them. This sets you apart from your competition … Continue reading Three Tips to Increase Sales

Sales and Influence: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It!

Last weekend I had the privilege of introducing my colleague, Karen Jacobsen, at the National Speakers Association Conference in San Francisco. The introduction was 2:56 minutes long and left the audience laughing and energized. The three keys that made this introduction work are: Great product, preparation and timing. They are all critical for not only … Continue reading Sales and Influence: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It!

Increasing Sales and Influence

As a sales executive, professional services provider and as a sales leader, it’s not what you say that is important it is how you say it. Watch this short video as Business Development Expert Ron Karr shows you one technique that can increase sales and influence.

Mindsets That Close Deals…

Getting people to accept your point of view or proposals depends on how well you portray confidence to the person that you are trying to influence. To close more deals and get people to do what you are asking, learn the mindsets from which you need to operate!

Catch Phrases That Kill Deals

Want to Increase Your Level of Influence in All Areas of Your Life? Watch this video and avoid common catch phrases that will demotivate people from acting on your ideas. Please leave comments on the phrases you hear that just irritate you.