Weizmann Institute of Science

Ronald E. Karr, President of Karr Associates, Inc., has accepted an invitation to be a diplomat for the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Weizmann Institute based in Rehovot, Israel, is a center of scientific research and graduate study, addressing crucial issues in medicine and health, technology, energy, agriculture and the environment. Its 2,500 scientists, students, … Continue reading Weizmann Institute of Science

Don Gabor

Don Gabor Best Selling Author www.DonGabor.com As an expert on conversation skills, you might have the expectation that Don Gabor is also a seasoned sales expert. Undoubtedly, Don is the master in getting people to talk. But, Don wanted to improve his success rate in one other key area, closing more business. Before Don took … Continue reading Don Gabor

Jon FriedmanProducer

Jon FriedmanProducer – The Rejection Show www.tremendousrabbit.com Some writers, cartoonists and actors have had their work shot down by the market. What do they do with the rejected pieces of work? If you are smart, you would take it to Jon Friedman, who created a show dedicated to rejection. Jon’s Rejection Show is gaining popularity … Continue reading Jon FriedmanProducer

Don Cameron

Don Cameron President Guilford Technical Community College Did you ever wonder how a small community college can grow in difficult economic times? Just ask Don Cameron, President of Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) in North Carolina. Don has seen his share of tough times. The long gas lines in the early 70’s, the recessions of … Continue reading Don Cameron

Joel N. Greenberg

Joel N. Greenberg Financial Representative- Guardian jngguardian@aol.com If you look at Joel Greenberg’s title above, it is simply understated in terms of what he really does for a living. Joel is a master at networking and being an invaluable resource to his clients. His version of cold calling is going out in the winter to … Continue reading Joel N. Greenberg

Naomi and Jim Rhode-

Naomi and Jim Rhode- Founders- SmartHealth, Inc. Just like HP and other well documented success stories, SmartHealth, Inc. started in business over 30 years ago in the garage of its founders, Naomi and Jim Rhode. Today, it is a bustling concern grossing over $80 million and taking up thousands of square feet in several buildings. … Continue reading Naomi and Jim Rhode-