Experiences Impact Sales

Do you accept the fact that every employee in an organization can impact customers? The recent United Airlines fiasco should make that clear to us all. United is a rules- and systems-based culture, not a customer satisfaction–based culture, and that is why they imploded last week. As a Sales and Leadership expert, I help people … Continue reading Experiences Impact Sales

How You CAN Easily Change People’s Reactions!

As a sales and leadership expert, I have discovered that people often feel powerless over people’s reactions—and that is simply not the case! When we find ourselves stuck in the same place in our conversations, getting the same results, our first reaction is often to blame outside circumstances—the things beyond our control, which is usually the people we’re talking to. To turn the tables and IMPACT others who are critical to our success, we need to understand how to change the conversation to achieve better results. We need to embrace our ability to IMPACT the outcome.