Go Slow to Go Fast

Published on April 18, 2024

Do you know that sometimes you have to go slow to go fast?

Recently, I installed a new productivity software program. And like many of you, I figured I knew immediately what I had to do, so I didn’t bother reading the instructions. After two painful hours of trying to get the software to work properly, I finally gave up.

What did I do? I googled a YouTube video on how to use the software and after watching for 10 minutes, I immediately figured out what I did wrong. I was able to make the changes and, lo and behold, the software started to work the way I needed it to work.

So what is my point here? My point is that maybe I should’ve watched that video to begin with. Taking 10 minutes before I started to install the software could’ve saved me an hour and 50 minutes.

To go fast, sometimes we have to go slow.

What does that mean?

It means whenever we start a new project or conversation, we should think about the outcome that we want. We need to ask ourselves how we are going to do it, and if we don’t know, go get the information and the right tools, so we don’t waste our time.

Spending a little time upfront is going to save all of us a lot of time in the end.

As leaders, we often balance the need for speed and efficiency with the importance of thorough preparation. Can you share a strategy or approach you’ve implemented at your organization to ensure that your team strikes the right balance between moving fast and taking the time to lay a solid foundation for success? Your insights could inspire others facing similar challenges in their own leadership roles.

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