Jerry Seinfeld

“I will spend an hour editing an eight word sentence into five.” Jerry Seinfeld Translation: Success does not come easy. It’s the little details that count and they take time to do. So, you might as well get to it and start carrying out those little details.

General Douglas MacArthur

We are not retreating…we are advancing in another direction” General Douglas MacArthur Translation: Reality is simply how you look at things. How do you view rejection? Is it a dead end, or, do you see opportunities in the rejection? Opportunities include realizations on how to do things differently and get better results. It might mean … Continue reading General Douglas MacArthur

Bob Danzig

“Star marketers of the world seek opportunities that benefit their customers” Bob Danzig Former CEO Hearst Newspapers, Author, & Professional Speaker   Translation: Early in Bob’s career, he made a name for himself selling advertising by finding innovative ways of helping small businesses reach their markets. His approach of seeking opportunities that benefited his … Continue reading Bob Danzig

Larry Wilson

“I don’t believe in the kinds of questions I know the answers to I believe in the kinds of questions that provide facts and information” Larry Wilson   Translation: Asking the wrong the set of questions bores your prospect and does nothing to further the sales process along. Asking the right questions uncovers vital information … Continue reading Larry Wilson

Linda Dillman

“You build a perception of your potential based on what you see in your life” Linda Dillman Chief Information Officer- Wal-Mart Stores   Translation: If you are closing sales, you have the perception you are good. If you are stuck in a slump, the perception changes and you start questioning your worthiness. To constantly succeed, … Continue reading Linda Dillman

Bill Brooks-

“People who do what they feel like doing today won’t be able to do what they want for the rest of their lives.” Bill Brooks- Author, Professional Speaker, Consultant Translation: You can fulfill yourself everyday by not going through the pain of change and working outside of your box. While you feel good that day, … Continue reading Bill Brooks-

Rick Feeley

“When you say something, the customer hears it as an opinion. When the customer says the same thing, they consider it to be fact” Rick Feeley Director of Sales, Timber Trading Translation: What ever you say to the customer is not as powerful than if they said it themselves. Instead of showing how much you … Continue reading Rick Feeley