Cindy Roth-Karr

Published on June 2, 2001

In case you were wondering if Cindy Roth-Karr is related to me, you better believe it. Besides being a loving wife and wonderful mother who supports my efforts and takes care of family issues during my extensive travels, she is also a sales superstar.

While I am usually hesitant to highlight family members, there is no way I can overlook what happened last week. Cindy and her colleagues put on a phenomenal industry event last week in NYC that drew well over 500 clients. As part of Forbo’s Global 1 World Tour, the event was staged to both thank their clients as well as introduce a new product line.

But how about that turn out? That would never have happened if Cindy, her manager Eric, and fellow sales executives did not have a good handle on their business and territories.

This story gets even better. As the supportive husband, I was recruited to help and check people in. Towards the end of the evening, one of the guests was leaving and came by to shake my hand and thank me for a wonderful time. Informing him that I am ‘just’ a spouse, he asked whom I was married to. When I mentioned Cindy’s name, his eyes beamed with excitement. With incredible passion, this gentleman went on to tell me how Cindy has been such an invaluable resource for all the years he has dealt with her. I could tell from his expression and enthusiasm that Cindy really made a positive impact on his business. This is just one reason why Cindy is so well known and respected in her industry.

Congratulations Cindy Roth-Karr, our Titan of the Month. You are being honored for two reasons; your incredible sales success and as a representative of all supportive spouses and significant others. Every sales Titan knows how much harder it would be to succeed without the support of others, especially our loved ones.

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