Dan Ross

Published on May 2, 2003

Dan Ross Atlantic Area Sales Manager, HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Dan Ross knows that to increase his team’s sales revenues, they have to find new ways to excite clients enough to create the positioning of HP as the best alternative. Selling HP Business Critical Systems (server and storage solutions), Dan’s team reduces client risk by delivering scalable solutions that can be implemented company wide.

Typically, HP closes 5-10% of new accounts called on (to set up a personal sales call) for the initial appointment. They targeted 30 potential new accounts for a test using The Titan Principle® Selling Methodology. They closed 40% of these new accounts for the initial sales appointment! The news gets even better. Of these initial appointments, they uncovered 6 new deals; 3 times more than what they would have normally uncovered. They closed all of these deals within 6 months which generated several million dollars in incremental revenue. Finally, Dan’s team in the last quarter was #1 in overall revenue and incremental new revenue for the Business Critical Systems Unit of HP. Now, that’s Titan Results!

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Comparing The Titan Principle® sales process to what they have done in the past, Dan claims the number one difference is “quick competence.” He states his salespeople quickly became more competent to identify and qualify opportunities by asking powerful questions instead of talking about their features and benefits. They became more confident calling on high level executives. They found out that by asking the right questions, senior level executives were willing to give the answers they needed to present the best solutions to their client’s problems. And by discussing the consequences of inaction, they were quickly able to create the perceived value for the customer.

Their telemarketing success to get the initial sales appointments was also impacted by The Titan Principle®. They successfully crafted a resource proclamation, focused on benefits, by carefully studying these selected accounts. This generated an effective way to get the prospects time and attention over the phone.

Dan Ross is a seasoned veteran who knows that continued success depends upon staying on top of one’s skills and not letting one’s pre-conceived notions and ego get in the way. This is critical if one expects to consistently rank as a top performer. Congratulations to Dan Ross, our Titan Profile of the Month.

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