Don’t Curb That Enthusiasm!!!

Published on August 2, 2003

A young relative of mine took a job at a local ski shop in sales. He told me he loves what he does and is amazed that even though he is not that knowledgeable about the products, people still buy from him. He recognizes that his enthusiasm is infectious and people respond positively to it.

Sounds reasonable. But let me ask you this? When it comes time to propose your products and services, how well do you own (believe in) your offer? Do you believe your prices are too high and there is no way someone is going to buy your products? Does fear of the competition show through? Do you feel like customers can get what you have to offer from somewhere else and therefore the likelihood of them buying from you is reduced?

If you have ever had those thoughts then it is possible you entered that sales situation of “not owning your value”. Yes, times are tough. Yes, your products may cost more. Of course there is competition. But despite all of these obstacles, the fact remains if you do not firmly believe in the value of what you are selling, then why should other people?

Product knowledge is essential. Yet, there are people with limited product knowledge who do outsell those with more product knowledge. No matter how much product knowledge you have, your ability to sell is greatly diminished if you do not “own your value”.

So, before you go into your next call, here are a few ideas you can use to boost your enthusiasm:

1. Ground yourself in your points of power—-revisit all the reasons the customer should buy from you and how they would be better off.

2. Understand the outcomes the customer can expect from using your products/services.

3. Become Customer Focused. Remove all issues of why you must close this deal and replace those thoughts with the questions you want to ask. Focus should be based on what’s missing for the customer and how valuable it would be if they could acquire your solutions.

4. Clarify the goal of the call. What is the commitment you want your customer to commit to.

5. Visualize yourself achieving the goal. Your belief that you can do it is paramount to your ability to do so.

So “don’t CURB that enthusiasm”. Instead, ratchet it up a few notches.

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