Here’s to Reality TV

Published on August 2, 2003

Here’s to Reality TV

Reality TV is highly profitable for tv producers and the networks. It may be entertaining (depends on your definition of entertainment), but how real is it? Most people watching these shows wish they could be on the show. Some surely have tried out. But how many have actually tried out for the shows compared to how many simply wish they were on the shows?

Here’s the REALITY SHOW you should be watching. It is called Your Life! What are you doing to achieve your dreams and goals? Instead of watching other people eat lizards and other despicable things, do whatever it takes to get yourself on the show. There are too many people watching life from the sidelines. As we get older, we realize more and more how precious each day really is. Regardless of your age, you can bet that the highly successful people do not spend the majority of their time watching other people do things. They spend their time playing the game.

With life being your REALITY SHOW, what are you doing to make it a hit? Watching or participating? Only participants have a chance to win. If you want to win, you have to play the game.

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